Star mother.

"If the stars are lit, it means someone needs." Most likely it is. But the stars are lit not by themselves. Typically, they are ignited and maintained even after the light is blocked - their parents. Especially mothers. For which the star is not a star, but all the same favorite baby with chubby schёchkami and uncertain steps. Therefore, they first put out his hand to support his "baby", if, due to some circumstances steps seemingly self-confident super celebrity suddenly again become uncertain.

This we like stars for their talent, beauty, wealth, lifestyle, but they love them immensely just like that, in any makeup, in any role on any photo. They are with them, and when those in the glory, and when they are in shadow. Perhaps it is they, after all, and display their star children again out of the shadows and also help those survive too bright spotlight. So, mom star, what they?




This Javier Bardem with his mother Pilar, who always had a great influence on him. It is known that it pushed his son to the marriage to the beautiful Penelope, who adore. And said to him: "What is the matter with you? It is ideal. You love her, she loves you. So get married! ".



As can be seen, Tom Cruise looks like his mom, look at their smiles. As a child, his father left the family, and he had to help her mother, becoming the only man in the family, which still had three sisters. But this is only their closer. "My mother raised us. She has always been an optimist "- so says Tom about his beloved mother.



Gerard Butler with his mother Margaret, who was sympathetic to the choice of his son, when he once called her and said, "I'm sorry, did you think that I would become a lawyer, but this is clearly not for me."




Miley Cyrus with her mother Tish. Well, no, it's not my mother, and beloved friend or older sister. And an example to follow. With such a mother did not become a star rather difficult :)).



Antonio Banderas with his mother, who at first did not prevent him to dream of becoming a footballer, and then go to acting school.



Jake Gyllenhaal with her mother Naomi. She, being a writer by profession, it is easy to go through that son dropped out after 2 years of study and decided to become an actor. From an early age she teaches him that the provision of life - is not a gift of fate and hard work.


Daniel Radcliffe with his mother Marcia. Catching the casting for the film, it at the first sign of his son interest in art of acting, sent him to school scene, and after began to drive to the audition, has not yet led to the most star for her Daniel.



Matt Damon with his mother Nancy, a respected college professor. Repeat the fate of many star moms: brought up children alone after a divorce, and when, after 3 years of study at the University of Matt realized that it was not his, let his son to conquer the top of the actor.



Hilary Swank with her mother. Hilary was born in a poor family with Spanish roots, because of that other children do not take her into their circle. Mom wisely sent her daughter to play sports that later that very useful in her acting career, which began in the same mother supported. "I remember when I went to my mother and said," Mom, I want to be an actress! "To which she replied," Oh, honey, that's great! Then for a job! »


Sean Penn with his mother Eileen, who as an actress and is married to the director freely sent her son to acting school, never doubting his talent.



George Clooney with his mother Nina, who looks just wonderful. Very beautiful mother and, apparently, to keep yourself in good shape. No wonder it won the title in his youth beauty queen. It is said that the seriousness of the Clooney for a new passion, you can check this: he will introduce her to his mother or not.



Bruce Willis with his mother Marlene, a German by birth, that is, to save his son from severe stuttering in childhood, recorded it in the school drama club. And she was right: it was on the scene, Bruce found himself, as we have found Bruce.



Halle Berry and her mother, Judith Ann, to educate their daughters, one from an early age. Dark white-skinned daughter mother did not take the same age, so my mother without hesitation allowed Holly to participate in beauty contests to gain self-confidence, she knew what she would be beautiful.



Jessica Simpson with her mother Tina. It is when Jess was small, often found ourselves short in the household items that reminded her daughter-in microphone. To maintain order in the house, my mother sent Jessica to sing in the church choir, which was the impetus for her singing career. And now they often like shopitsya together, and work together on a collection of swimsuits and other beach accessories.




Britney Spears with her mother Lynne, in all life difficulties supporting daughter: "I always try to remember myself at that age and I try to be as forgiving. I may not all can understand the fact that he loves and makes my Britney (eg, piercing her!), But I give her the opportunity to learn the most, know everything and grow. This does not mean that I'm not worried because her. Worried about their children - it is the duty of any mother. But I know that she's not a bad head on his shoulders and a good heart in the chest, they are a good source of advice to her in difficult times, when I suddenly would not close. & Quot;




Justin Timberlake with her mother Lynne. Probably everybody knows, and even more admirers Justin's mom for it stands in the first place: "We are best friends: Lynn especially women. It has always been my reliable support. Partly thanks to her I am with respect to women. But, alas, I never find as good as my mom. Maybe that's why I have such a problem with the girls ».




Lindsay Lohan's mom Dina. Another mom - and most beautiful girlfriend and sister than a mother. Since childhood, became her manager, seeing traction and ability daughter to acting. "I know that my child is not perfect. The main thing that she was happy »


Nicole Kidman with her mother Janelle, who kept saying she "did not bury the talent in the ground" and forced to leave home for a dream.

To be continued ...


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