One day in the life of the driver of the mixer

Waking up at 5:00 in the pace of zombies, having made all the necessary acts morning, I went to work.
the first load in 6.20. Since the morning, and during the trip to work I really like zombies, I did not remove either himself or dorogu.tolko sat in the car I was working "includes»

The key is to start! All the systems are normal. Manager confirms departure. Let's go!

Flight in the morning went not udobnyy.raspolozhen in the historic center of the city, which means not much more wide dorogi.No benefit morning, and cars are not mnogo.mozhno proehat.a's day on the streets of perfectly honed ability to thread the eye of a needle KAMAZ . The very construction is not sfotkal since the effect of the zombies is not fully cleared

But while waiting for when I was released from the court, I remembered the camera.

Go back to the plant.

9.10 time. Manager says little podozhdat.Reshil run to the guys on the BRU.

It looks like concrete Mortar unit inside. very old and strong as can be seen, again lived up to our dney.prichёm almost all native. Repair nothing serious subjected.


still waiting for the download

A light breakfast and a smoke, and again in a way

vital controls

the Namba.
As you can see an overview of not so bolshoy.tak be careful, and remember gentlemen drivers and pedestrians, in fact the driver of a large machine is limited in vision at times more vas.budte us polite, we are people too, and we also have to go.

We go to the next town obekt.kak seen already awake

Shopping center in the new mikrorayone.vygruzhaemsya in concrete. Strong stuff. This aparat easily pumping concrete on the 10th floor


After each unloading trays were rinsed with water, because a thin layer of concrete dries instantly, and his otkalachivat problematic. In the winter easier. In the cold it immediately freezes, and you can at the end of the working day to douse kityatkom or good old hammer to help us. ice cream metal concrete and mortar fly off like glass.

here so slowly descended to dinner

load the next meal was sent to another factory.
and this is my benefactor under load

here's a comparison the new plant and the same operators BRU.


this time another new neighborhood with vysotkami.Put lies across the bridge and Mother Volga.

Skyscraper on the stage of the embryo

Excavator general thing irreplaceable and versatile

Foundation. Here's a piece in itself contains more than 200 cubic meters of concrete. And how many more will pour ...

Again moemsya

It looks like a barrel iznutri.blagodarya spirals and there is a movement of the concrete.

Again, the Volga, and then the bridge

The next boot has decided not to take a picture, but became the next object.

Monolith. "Glass" with concrete went upstairs


Callback manager, it turned out that today is the last application. Hmm. Today, a surprisingly early finish. After a day of washing poserёzney.moem full barrel.

To drive the horse in the stall. how many are there in the sun? Early


and the last photo for today

So here was this one is not particularly busy day at home to photograph the driver avtobetonosmesitelya.Vecher stal.Organizm not realized that he was at home, relaxed, and refused to do anything eschё.Vot vobschem and vsё.Spasibo vnimanie.Udachi for Roads and success in construction.



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