Ship Cemetery of the Pacific

In the Pacific, there is a unique natural formation - Truk Lagoon (or Chuuk). About 10 million years ago there was a big island, but eventually he fell into the water.

During the Second World War on the islands around the lagoon has the largest naval base in Japan, as well as the airport. In 1944, in Truk Lagoon were ships of the 4th Fleet and the Imperial command of the 6th submarine fleet, but February 17, 1944 the Americans launched a military operation "Hilston" as a result of which it was sunk by more than 30 large and many small Japanese ships. < br /> 19 photos, here

We go down to a depth to look at underwater graveyard of ships in the Pacific Ocean.

1. It looked like our hotel «Blue Lagoon Resort», which is located on the island Dublon. Houses, in which we live, are very similar to the standard home of the first «Far Cry». So it seems. that is about because trees pop up dude in a red Hawaiian shirt, and then all will begin watering. And somewhere there, close should be the skeleton is a Japanese aircraft carrier, while the similarity is complete

2. Fefan Island. His no one confuse

3. Go to the place of dive

4. Remains of the ship Kensho Maru. Wheelhouse and engine telegraph

5. The engine room

6. Zero fighters in the hold of the ship Fujikawa Maru

7. The inscription on the board

8. The depth of 36 meters. Anti-tank guns on the deck «Nippo Maru», then 3 pieces of

9. The depth of 37 meters. Easy Japanese tank at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

10. The depth of 25 meters. Cargo-passenger ship Rio de Janeiro Maru. It lies on the right side. It left screw

11. Engine Engine Kensho Maru

12. The depth of 12 meters. The view from the pilot's place torpedo bomber, the Imperial Japanese Navy Nakajima B6N «Jill»

13. The depth of 36 meters. Another plane "Jill»

14. Sunken Japanese ship Shinkoku Maru, on the navigating bridge

15. Truck Isuzu hold of the ship Shinkoku Maru. From the ship was only the front half, back destroyed by the explosion of American bombs

16. derricks Shinkoku Maru ship is covered with soft corals

17. The fuselage of the fighter "Claude" - the predecessor of the famous "Zero" in the hold of a sunken Japanese ship Fujikawa Maru

18. Ship Fujikawa Maru. Business Card Truk Lagoon - eerie air compressor turning shop

19. That ended a week diving in Truk Lagoon. A total of about 10 sunken ships, two aircraft. It is the sunset last night on the island Dublon, Truk Lagoon


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