The Chinese have decided to clear the Yellow River burst

In central China Yellow River dam was blown up. The explosion was peaceful in order to remove the silt from the river bed.
Attempts to purify the Yellow river will continue for 10 days. From such an emergency release of water obtained is strong enough flow,
washing away the silt on the 800-kilometer stretch of the river. Read more ...

Yellow River got its English name "Yellow River" for the color of the water-rich silt that washed out of the loess soil from the territory on which it runs. The Chinese name of the Huang He translates as "hill sons of Khan," which refers to the frequent flooding of the river, threatening the destruction and loss of people living along its banks. It is known that for the last two thousand years the river has more than a thousand times out of its sides and at least 20 times changed the trajectory of his bed. No wonder people called it "the river thousands of grief." The most dangerous areas of the entire Yellow River is China Plain, where the river slows its course and spreads widely, and in some places the river level is three meters above the surface of the plain. It is most susceptible to periodic major flooding. But, like many other large rivers, it gives new life to the fields, for retreating after the spill water leaves a large part of the fertile loess collected upstream. However, the Yellow River - certainly one of the most muddy rivers in the world. So, it carries about 26 kg of sludge per cubic yard of water, and spill rivers - up to 544 kg. This shows that the rate of flow of the river is relatively high, without losing speed even when passing through the extensive irrigation systems in the plain.

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