Underground museum. Museum of Mining, Geology and Speleology.

Located at a depth of 70 meters underground museum gives visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the gypsum mine, the basics of mining,
see how the underground mined pure white gypsum. Part of the museum devoted to the history
mining and development of local gypsum deposits, which began in the 30s of the last century.

1. Old entrance to the mine, which is no longer used

2. Right at the new entrance to the mine are trucks with gypsum

3. The fact that the museum is located in the actual operating mines. Only the production of gypsum goes
2, 5 kilometers from the entrance and Museum - 300 meters

4. And it is in the museum. By the way, before you go down each were given a helmet, jersey and portable lights. Without sweatshirts easily can be frozen - even in 25 degrees outside temperature is in the museum only +9


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