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If you believe what is written in the passport at Antisa Khvichava from the village Sachino Tsalendzhikh district in Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti,
it - the oldest inhabitant of our planet. July 8 she was 130 years old. Yesterday congratulated her Civil Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia
together with representatives of local authorities. Antis Khvichava presented baskets of sweets and Georgian wine. The governor gave the woman
a sum of money and gave her an honorary citizen of Tsalenjikha. Journalists presented grandmother big cake.

Conduct an independent examination confirming the woman's age, it is impossible, reports AP. Original birth certificate was lost. There are only two documents of the Soviet period, which means that Khvichava really was born July 8, 1880 (during the reign of Emperor Alexander II). In Antisa Khvichava have 70-year-old son, whom she bore at age 60, 10 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and great-6. Khvichava said that she had two more children by his first marriage, but they died of starvation during the Great Patriotic War.

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