Brave mom saved from an angry pit bull daughter

A touching and instructive story of a brave woman. Mackenzie Camp was only two years old when she was attacked by an angry pit bull. If not for her mother - the girl would have had no contact. Once again, convinced: should not be allowed to keep fighting breeds of dogs as pets ... And until we have what we have. Only thanks to the heroism of the women of her daughter survived ... read more.

Mom girl, Chelsea, the dog bit off his ear, at the time when the dog attacked her daughter.
The dog attacked the child, and inflicted multiple wounds, biting the girl's face.
Chelsea immediately called 911 and the police waited until she decided to deal with the dog, first punched, but it did not help in the end, she sank his teeth into the dog's ear and tore it completely.

This dog stopped, she ran away, Chelsea turned up around a daughter to protect her from possible new attacks dog.
The police arrived very quickly, and does not control the dog shot.
Meanwhile, the injuries were so extensive Mackenzie, she was taken to the hospital, and the doctors had a seven-hour operation to save the child.

Girl wakes up, the wounds heal slowly, says mother of the child with the words that Mackenzie does not remember anything that happened to her when the dog attacked.
My mother just said, if the scars will not heal, so be it, my child will always be for me the most beautiful, and most importantly ALIVE !!!
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