Interesting facts about our body (6 photos)

A few interesting facts about the human body

Fact №1. Why is practically impossible to tickle yourself?

It's easy to tickle yourself because your brain predicts what might happen to us in order to expedite its response. The cerebellum and track motion of the body can distinguish the projected and unexpected. This leads to the fact that our body practically does not respond to the expected sensation and vice versa - more focuses on unexpected. Similarly, the brain is virtually ignores the feelings that he believes is not particularly important. For example, when you type on the computer - it is also the feeling strikes at your fingertips, but our brains are virtually not notice until you think about it. The same thing happens when you start to tickle yourself. You can not tickle yourself because there is no element of surprise. And when someone else starts to tickle you - this unexpected sensation for your skin. They, in turn, activate the tickling sensation.

Fact №2. Approximately 85% of people breathe through one nostril

Approximately 85% of people breathe through one nostril. And even more interesting is the fact that the nostrils are alternated with intervals of 4 hours. Thus, it can vary among individuals and depends on the position of the body structure and nostrils. This switching your nose performs using the erectile tissue, which in its structure is very similar to the erectile tissue of the penis and the clitoris. It swells and closes the one nostril, while the second nostril, it contracts, opening it for breathing. And, what is even more interesting, it also depends on which nostril you through the often breathe in every situation.

Studies carried out in 1988 showed that exhalation through the right nostril increases blood glucose, and exhale through the left nostril has the opposite effect. Another study conducted in 1993 showed that during breathing through the right nostril is absorbed more oxygen than when breathing through the left. Even more interesting results were obtained during a study conducted in 1994. The results showed that when you are breathing through the left nostril, the right brain is activated. Accordingly, when breathing through the right nostril is dominant left hemisphere. Since the right hemisphere is responsible for the creative side of our personality, and left - for logic, you can change the wind, depending on the situation to activate the right hemisphere.

Fact №3. Why in the cold weather of the nose is pouring in buckets?

Many people at low temperature begins to flow from the nose. From the average citizen can pour about 1 liter of fluid (1 quart). When you breathe in the cold air in the nose begins active production of mucus, which eventually flows from the nose. This occurs because the blood supply increases in response to a cold air (small blood vessels in the nose beginning to react). This helps the nose to keep warm and to heat the incoming cold air. As soon as you go to a warm place, the vessels of the nose narrowed again and flow from the nose stop.

Fact №4. The man is not the five senses, and much more

Most researchers suggest that human 5 senses - about 21, maybe more. The general definition of a sense - is any system that consists of a group of sensory cell types that respond to the specific physical phenomena and transmit their response in areas of the brain that process the received signal. Standard human senses - sight, taste, smell, sound, touch, pressure, pruritus, sensation of heat and cold, proprioception (the ability to determine which are now part of the body relative to the body itself and other parts), power (the ability to feel the tension in the muscles) sense of balance, stretch receptors (sense of stretching of the blood vessels and headache), chemoreceptors (feeling which allows to determine the presence of blood in the "generic" drugs and hormones), the thirst, the hunger, the ability to sense the magnetic field and the sense of time. The latter is still the subject of controversy scientists. However, it has been proved experimentally that people striking accurate sense of time.

Finally. The fact that the section is "always was curious why ... ?!»

Fact №5. Why blow to the "no-man's zone" causes severe pain in the groin?

This is the part located in the groin in the lower abdomen near the kidneys. And there is a large number of blood vessels and nerve endings. When the beat in this area, the pain begins in the testicles, and begins its journey through the abdominal cavity through the seed plexus (which are the main nerves in the testicles), and goes into the spine.

In addition to abdominal pain, a lot of men may experience nausea. This is due to the fact that the sympathetic nervous system simply can not cope with the influx of pain. But you throw up or not - it all depends on how you are prone to this case. As a result of a single blow to the groin man gets a lot of pain in the testicles + strong pain in the groin and lower stomach + nausea and possibly vomiting as a "bonus."


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