Ale, in the Kremlin, where you all right? Putin made an official statement: Russia supports terrorists and will not allow them to destroy!

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the crime Ukrainian regime antiterrorist operation in Slavyansk against armed men who seized hostages and destroy.
He stated this today during a media forum.
"If indeed the current regime in Kiev began to use the army in the country, this is a very serious crime," - said Putin.
The actions of the authorities in Kiev will have consequences for them, including in terms mezhgosotnosheny Russia and Ukraine, Putin said.
"This is not the acute phase, and it is a punitive operation which will have consequences for the people who make these decisions, including bilateral relations," - said the president of Russia.

Vovk, and forgot about Chechnya? A murdered hostages Ord-ness forgot?
A blown up houses Russians forgot?
Did you bastard, to court in the land will not live. But there are Supreme Court.

I wonder how many days stayed in Russia would like Slovyansk? Yes it would, together with the peace nasleniem wiped bastards Putin. And such was the human settlements in the same Chechnya repeatedly.
What raving rabid animal Kremlin?


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