Michael Koklyaev: interesting facts from the life of the eminent athlete

Weightlifter Michael Koklyaev - multiple winner of world events, tournaments and championships. One of the best Russian athletes, "severe Chelyabinsk guy" in the positive sense of the phrase. I suggest to read about interesting facts from the biography of the eminent athlete to continue fasting.

Koklyaev Mikhail Viktorovich was born on December 17, 1978 in the city of Chelyabinsk. Develop specific quality training helped Michael, which he began in the 13th, at the time of its growth was 170 cm, weight under 60 kg. Prior to doing karate and boxing, but after the Soviet Union collapsed section of boxing.
Michael met with the American actor and governor of 2 years ago, when other competitions lifted dumbbells weighing 111 kilograms. This Schwarzenegger, at the time governor of California, sent a message to Dmitry Medvedev in the "Twitter": "Your competitor just lifted weights weighing 111 kg twice!»

Height: 192 cm.
Weight: + -160 kg
Squat: 360 kg
Bench: 225 kg
Deadlift: 415 kg

Weightlifting Koklyaeva so fascinating that in the 16 years he received a master of sports. The next step to the top of the skill was a master of sports of international class, resulting in 20. At the same time the athlete participated in various competitions favorite sport and not just deserve different rewards. It was in 1997 - 2004's, when he was a member of the Russian national weightlifting, first - the youth, then national. In the national team, in 1997 - 1998 years, participated in the World Youth Championship in 2002 - 2004 years - the European championships. Before that, time and again won the title of champion of Russia.

When Michael Koklyaeva not have the Olympics in Athens because of the various conflicts with his superiors, he had decided to leave the Russian team in weightlifting and go to extreme force. It was 2005.
Power extreme - spectacular show, where athletes compete against each other in strength, agility and speed of reaction, performing various yoga exercises.
Michael - very funny, charismatic man. These personal qualities not very welcomed in weightlifting. But in a strong extreme (it's all the same show), these qualities are even welcome. Therefore, because of its lively character, Mikhail Viktorovich quickly managed to fit into the atmosphere of the show. His own power characteristics help to win first place in most competitions. Already the first year of performances as a strongman (2005) brought Koklyaevu glory. Immediately he began to win prizes in competitions:

The special arrangement of the global sports community to Michael Koklyaevu manifested in the invitation to take part in the tournament WSM. Michael Koklyaev successfully passed the competition, got the qualification to the final of WSM and subsequently received a bronze medal. Russian athlete for the first time in the history of the competition WSM has earned this award.
Not only that draws attention to Michael. Under the same tournament, he was able to break the world record for throwing weights (throwing a dumbbell weighing 25 kg.na height 5m.81sm !!!). At the same time, Mikhail did not finish to surprise the audience: the next day, he set the record for the tournament in South Africa for raising the beam (his weight was 190 kg.).
In addition to performances in competitions in a power extreme, Michael Koklyaev was the referee and the lead of the competition, also dabbled in the role of co-host competitions in powerlifting and bodybuilding.

All the while, Michael Koklyaev could not forget about her love for weightlifting. In his interview he talks about the decline of a loved sport in Russia. Therefore, in 2011, our sportsman has decided to tackle this problem with his own and returned to weightlifting.
His future wife Oksana met in Taganrog, her hometown. In 1999 there was a training base for athletes that were part of the national team in weightlifting. Oksana worked as production manager in the dining room. He saw her and thought, what a nice girl, I used this! While Michael wanted to marry, he dreamed that his beloved was waiting at home after fees. In general, he found the courage, walked over to her and asked for a date. That's how they started dating and soon pozhenilis.Na the moment he has a son and a daughter. Is an 8-fold champion of Russia in weightlifting.

His words novice weightlifters:
"I'm not a guru in weightlifting, but only a fanatic, read out and dedicated the last good sports school. The kids say this: do not be fooled golden mountains that you can wait at the peak of glory. The price that you give in the way of it, is not small. I'm talking about the provided health at stake. The main thing - not a sip of poison such as pride, vanity. Try to learn from the mistakes of others, bypassing their own, and decide with a view »


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