Why do not understand Russian foreign

Even when they try to talk to us in one language.

Now the Russian language is gaining popularity in the world - people in other countries are actively exploring it, translate signs, menus and labels on the products. Sometimes they get it great, but sometimes, when comes in machine translation - epic and very fun.

27 images.

Such are some simple services.

2. Where a Finnish on the beach talking with unique Caucasian accent.

3.Find most honest translator.

4.Obyavlenie, which took over the soul.

5.Vidali GĂ©rin snapper fish with ASIC?

6.Ochen poetic potatoes.

7.Kitaytsy know who your best friend.

8.Vsem skidkigrechaya!

9.Ochen ofitsialny very predstavitelny.

10.Lipky felt himself.

11.Podpolny gun shop.

12.YA do not want to see it.

13.Chay creating a bridge of friendship between the peoples. But only if it "lay down" properly


15.Tem time in Cyprus to enjoy pizza and plain tslts smuklom.

16.Igrushka for very naughty children.

17.Mmm, nyamushka.

18.Dopolnitelnaya virgin to each serving of salad.

19.A translator that smoke?

20.Chudesa genetic engineering.

21. "Icicles liquid cheese", "mussels in sailor's blouse" and our favorite - "I shall shock."

22. "Well, wow-Swan" sounds more literary.

23.A you have an ultra-cool experience?

24.I do you kamunalizasiony man?

25.Eto the best part of all I have seen.

26.Nu there's all clear.



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