Yevpatoriya - resort city

Yevpatoria - my hometown, although left (taken) out at the age of 5 years.

Some of the places known only to the natives.

It will be 90 years old Photo 2009-2011.

Kerkinitida, Gezlev, Yevpatoriya.

Many folk might call his Yevpatoria Rodin.

Over the centuries of its existence, the city owned by representatives of dozens of nations. The city was founded around the VI-V centuries. BC. Greek colonists and was named Kerkinitida. Kerkinitida in his writings mentions Hecataeus of Miletus, Herodotus, Ptolemy. With the IV century BC Kerkinitida was part of the ancient Chersonese. With the II. BC. to XV century AD Crimea repeatedly subjected to attacks of the Huns, Pechenegs, Khazars, Polovtsian. The city, founded as a Kerkinitida repeatedly subjected to raids, destruction.

In XV century the Turks invaded the Crimea. XV -XVIII century - the period of the rule of the Ottoman Turks in the Crimea. During this period of its history the city is called Gezlev ("Chersonese" means "a hundred eyes"), Russian called it a goat. In the 18th century it was the largest at that time, the city and port. In 1630 - 1650 years in the city conducted a lively trade in slaves, to 50 - 60 thousand people a year. In 1783, Crimea joins Russia. By decree of Empress Catherine II the Crimean city received new names. So Gezlev (Kozlov) has been renamed to Yevpatoria.

Yevpatoria. There are numerous legends of the origin of the name. One of them says that Catherine II named the city in honor of the Greek Emperor and Colonel Mithridates VI Eupator. Another legend - when asked how to name the town, she said - Yevpatoriya and I turned Yevpatoriya. But this is only a legend. Soveremennyy city Yevpatoria - Ukrainian children's health resort. And not only Ukrainian, and not just children. Every year on treatment and rest in Evpatoria arrive thousand people from different regions of Russia, Belarus and other former Soviet countries, Germany, Poland and others.

View of the embankment named Tereshkova made from the pier. Unfortunately this photo last year, but I assure you this year promenade looks exactly the same. On the left are the minarets of the mosque Juma-Jami, the right dome of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas.

The same embankment, but the view at night. Picture taken from recreational craft Tavrika during a two-hour boat ride. I apologize for the quality. The ship is moving rapidly.

Pleasure boat Tavrika. Honored, exactly 30 years already sailed.

Beginning of the season, so his fellow Yanina still not working. Although in June will be exactly two walk. If you meet someone a ride - I recommend Janina as the newer and better equipped. Night walk with a disco costs 70 hryvnia (about 280 rubles.)

While waiting for embarkation / after a walk, you can sit in a cafe located right at the entrance to the pier.

From the second floor offers a beautiful view of the beach and acacia branches will hide from the midday heat.

Glass Crimean wine nice complement impression. 40 rubles, wine 36.

After the cafe you can walk along the promenade of Gorky. Now you see the dolphin belonging to the sanatorium complex "Victory".

A little to the side you'll find a small swimming pool and a monument to the writer after whom the name of this promenade.

Along the sea set here are pretty rotunda. Evenings around them are a variety of concerts.

Be careful! Past without stopping and at any time go mad trains from which came the music of children's cartoons mixed with matyugami driver. It is best to step aside, to stop here is not accepted.

The building of the central children's clinic. I do not know it or have treated all areas leased under the shops, but the building is worth.

Famous Yevpatoriya "living statue»

They appear on the street at 7 o'clock in the evening when the heat subsides a bit, unenviable share stand in one place without moving the amusement of the people. But still it looks very beautiful and unusual.

Fixed price list no. View free, in principle, also be photographed. If you do not feel sorry for the guys leave denyuzhku for serious works.

The governor issued a decree making all beaches are free, but of course no one wants to lose their benefits and twists as you can. Beaches put into long-term leases to private individuals, and those that belong to the state's got such signs.

Unless signs decree are we? =) That's what happens on this very beach. Periodically comes a man with a loudspeaker and read out the content of signs that the beach is closed. All course it carefully listen and flipped to the other side continuing to sunbathe.

When he reached the street Duval (Mayor / Governor / Mayor c 1906 almost until the revolution) we see museum. For general education can and go.

Well, take a picture with / on / under the guns - is sacred.

Opposite the museum is a modern building ala Louvre. This is a public review of a fragment of an ancient excavation Kerkinitida with found artifacts.

Coming down the street go on Theater Square.

Actually he gorteatr. With posters of our "stars". Summer "Sanchez" has not been canceled

The library building named after AS Pushkin.

Cinema rocket.

There are new movies with a delay of three to six months. Photos old. Last year they brought the posters!

Nearby is a pedestrian street. Drivers are no different from our own and they do not stop signs. Helps Weld only thorns and installing anti-urchins.

On the building of the City Council hanging plate. Inscriptions in 3 languages. Ukrainian, Russian and Tatar. All of them are the official languages ​​of the Crimea. (No longer relevant)

The Ukrainian language is very honest. The firm is engaged, it is written on it. Unfortunately it was not possible to photograph the local GIBDDshniki. They are right and it is written DAI (Derzhavtoіnspektsіya), in large letters =)

(Hereinafter the note to the photo lost their relevance)

Near the park named after Lenin with the leader of the proletariat in the center.

Another reminder about the bright Soviet past of this city. The picture grandparents in early childhood, come look at this booth.

It may look a little naive, but much better than many modern slogans.

Having a little away from the center we get to the narrow streets of the old town.

The school building with traces of bullets and shrapnel hit WWII

Since we are talking about the shooting. Hike the shooting forever! There is no change granny, no guns, no target)

Only the color varied periodically. And the ink layer is increased.

If you come with his wife or girlfriend, it is always possible to take selecting N-th sum of money and sending for souvenirs.

And they themselves at this time can porelaksirovat sea.

If you do not drink beer or just want to quench their thirst, then there is always an alternative. (By the way, the taste of little resemblance to brew. I do not recommend trying. Although, maybe I was just unlucky)

On the streets, according to the month in which you arrive is growing: cherries, cherry, plum, apricot, peach, quince, grapes, walnuts, almonds, mulberries, etc.

Holy cow Yap)

Since the day is very hot, about 35 in the shade, animals for the most part peacefully asleep. Unnecessarily move, they will not.

The second holy cow Yap)))

Boob healthy person

Boob smoker

Hmm. Distracted, continue.

This photo a relic! Swim every summer since 1973)

Many asked where pictures of famous trams. But with them and begin. In the photo you see the tram №3 on the route w / station - hotel Ukraine. Tram even hard to imagine what years, in full wood. Travel costs 1 c. The same goes for the single-track tram for the New beach.

This is the "modern" Czech trams. Walk through the city. Way all the same single track and 2-3 respectively trams have to wait for each other and disperse. Actually this process we see in the photo.

Stop at which we called out Moinaki.

Moinaki (Ukr. Moinaki, krymskotat. Moynaq, Moynak) - Lake (estuary) in the Crimea, in the city of Yevpatoriya, with highly mineralized water - brine. At the bottom of the lake lie mud (silt) used for therapeutic purposes. (Wikipedia)

Come to Moinaki best in the afternoon, when the brine (salt water lake) is heated to the optimum temperature more than 30 degrees.

In the background poles sticking out of the water. In Soviet times, there were surface area enclosed by a fence. Divided into male and female zones. There you can sunbathe and swim naked in a designated "pool."

Along the coast beaten springs with pure mineral water.

On the shore of the lake as well is the famous mud baths Moinaki.

Asylum diversified, but the basic bias is a treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

This announcement on the doors of spas in the park Frunze. People roam the streets with sandwich-hydrotherapy advertising on the chest, on the simple words, pouring mineral water through the hose in the ass.


For lovers of abandoned monuments and traces of the Soviet past. Backyard sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense. Next to the children's amusement park.

That's the way he and amusement park.

Over the last 20-30 years it has changed very little. We assume that the constancy of sign of craftsmanship.

It's so cute)

Awesome amusement! Sparkling fireballs rush on the metal floor energized and ram each other with all the dope.

Today's children will catch no such \

Went to a legend about a girl who has done such a boat, "the sun»

The towers are always shit

Since we are talking about children's entertainment, it is impossible not to mention the "banana republic." Evpatoria water park. Located about 10 km from the town by the sea. Subscription for the day is 1000 rubles. In August may become more expensive 100-200 rubles.

I visit different water parks. This I think is quite decent. The only bend line to slide. People are catching up longer than it should.

He climbed the hill with a camera to take pictures, climb down the ladder was too lazy. I had to roll with it. Both survived)

Slides for every taste and age. Just do not forget sunscreen, a day in the sun is no joke.

Prices old and in UAH. Multiply by 4 every year becomes more and more equine.

So be sure to take a bottle of mineral water. It is possible and so as in the picture =)

Waterpark is located on the "wild" coast New beach. If you arrive by car to Yevpatoria, you forget the city beaches. Sunbathing only go here.

By the way. Very near the nudist beach. Gallery unfortunately no hands were busy

It is this garbage, but not the than you think.

Crabs have become part of the catch travelers. They are usually given at the mercy of the children.

Every year they are becoming less and less.

For gifts of the Black Sea are mussels. Of these, it turns insanely delicious pilaf. Midia clean from algae and thrown into boiling water with cooking pilaf. Expanding the water sink stuffed with rice and get kind of pie. During the meal, half shells are used as a spoon.

Like other marine life mussels exposed to the ruthless extermination literally on an industrial scale. Earlier in the shell of this size no one would have coveted, and now even those considered large.



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