Patrick Blanc's Vertical Garden (Patrick Blanc)

In the Spanish capital, Madrid, botanist Patrick Blanc (Patrick Blanc) once implemented in the framework of the project of green building, the idea that, by mistake, just credited to the Frenchman, not an American Stanley White Hart.

But Professor White was back in 1938, became the owner of the patent for the creation of a "living" walls. However, we note that Mr. White was the owner of a patent until 1988, the year. Therefore, Patrick Blanc (Patrick Blanc) has the legal right to use and update ideas from the American in the last century. Your attention is invited to consider the draft created by a Frenchman in the Spanish capital. These design ideas are not only aesthetic component. That there is only photosynthesis, albeit from a small number of plants. Such projects must continue to evolve if we are to save the planet.


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