Mini-drones will be recharged from the power lines?

One of the key problems of modern electronics is the low battery capacity. This is the main reason for the small radius and time of action of all kinds of drones, particularly small and miniature. Often times of the mini-drone does not exceed 15 minutes. This limitation makes scientists and engineers to explore different ways of solving problems. And in the near future may be that walking down the street you will watch hanging on electrical wires bevy of small drones, recharge their batteries.

At MIT разработан prototype drone, who with the help of the magnetometer is a power line, clinging to her and recharges its battery using an electromagnetic field.

Office of the air vehicle that is part of the US Air Force for the past 5 years is also developing a similar project.

Given the growing "population" drones in many armies of the world, expanding their features and capabilities, the possibility to recharge the mini and mikrodrony will acquire paramount. Despite this, the program is the development of "samopodzaryazhayuschihsya" drones in the US Air Force can become a victim of spending cuts.



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