Moscow OMON

Yesterday morning at the Moscow riot in Strogino held demonstrations. Very impressive pictures, read the caption to the photo.

Two fighter cover, two simultaneous burst through the window into the room.

Explosions, gunfire, very cool. They say that when it is shown to the German delegation, the girl-translator fainted.

After terrorists neutralized, the dog found explosives. Minesweeper in a special suit lays a charge, to eliminate it.

All the terrorists neutralized, we can leave!

From the windows of obzezhitiya proihodischim police watch.


The basement has 4 hundred-meter shooting range.

Then they showed a weapon. Arsenal are very impressive, but I especially do not understand a weapon.

The only foreign weapons - Austrian Glock pistol.

Everything else - our developments.

With the technique does not have such a variety of riot police. Several models of buses, police car SPM-2 "Alfa BB" on the basis of "Tiger", BTR-80, 3 types of foreign-made water cannons, and several species of the Urals.

By the way, even water cannons, in my opinion, did not apply.

Worst of all this heat is transferred dogs. Detachment 23 dogs trained to search for explosives, and a spaniel to search for drugs.

In kazhogo employee has here is a locker for the form for all occasions. By the way, unlike the police, riot police have not provided a form of short sleeves.

I really wanted to see how changes exemplary tea. Half a year ago, when I was shooting the opening of the new barracks, reporters showed samovars, candy and expensive tablecloth. Today I looked at the kitchen without preparation. It was:


Basically disappeared samovars. Sweets were like. Although, today, I was in another building, can this new samovar still stands. Looked closely ... ... I seem to have introduced me astray! On the table are the same candy and cookies korbka! Those cups ... I'll have the next time still without an invitation to come;)

Yet there is a very good dining. Prices, however, more than the deputies, but still.

On the territory is an old helicopter brought him and would be used for training, but it turned out to adapt it to terenerovok very expensive. So he is now lying in the bushes.

Once in the unit has a terrific museum, he deserves a separate post. These are remarkable documents are presented there)))

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