4 magic tricks with your body

We suggest you do 4 simple tricks with your body. You will be surprised when you can keep a man on the ground with only one index finger, forcing the hand to be lighter than air, lengthen your nose and mislead the mind, at the same time performing the opposite problem.

Trick 1: "I bet you can not stand»
1. Put your friend in the chair.

2. Ask him to cross his arms.

3. Push your index finger on his forehead.

4. Now let him try to stand up.

Without the help of the hands is almost impossible to do.

Trick 2: "Hands are lighter than air»
1. Stand in the doorway.

2. Press down with the force of arms to both sides. The palms should be directed inward.

3. After 30 seconds, to be a free space.

You will immediately feel the lightness in his hands - as if they would begin to strive upwards without effort on your part.

Trick 3: "It's a long nose»
1. Sit on a chair behind your friend.

2. Place the right index finger on his nose, and left - to your.

3. Close your eyes and simultaneously move both fingers up and down the nose.

After 60 seconds, you will begin to appear as the left and right hand you touch your nose is!

Trick 4: "The different sides»
1. Sit on a chair. Put the foot on the leg and foot start moving clockwise.

2. Now start painting at the same time hand in the air circle counterclockwise.

You feel like your brain is trying to solve two conflicting objectives simultaneously.


He eventually give up and give the command to rotate and leg and arm on one side.




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