Facts about tricks and jugglers

The first known document that mentions the illusion of art - Ancient Egyptian papyrus Vestkar, named after the owner of the meeting, where it was originally stored. It contains tales related to 2900 BC, the era of the reign of Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops). In one of the legends mention the speech magician and trainer Jed, who knows how to fasten in place and to increment the severed head of a goose and can force the lion to follow him without fetters.

The appearance of a rabbit out of the cylinder is sometimes mistakenly considered a classic trick. In fact, this trick is not often performed. Probably, John Henry Anderson was the first to show it. This happened in the 1830s.

WEB-Aner - one of the magi mentioned in Westcar papyri, was known for the fact that he took a small wax figure of a crocodile and inexplicably turns it into a living, adult and very ferocious beast.

For the first time in the literature of jugglers mentioned in the XVI century: Teofilo Folengo of Mantua in his poem "Makaronada" brought a magician named BOKKAL de BERGAMOSK.

The trick with sham decapitation and increments the severed head of the Italian Balducci performed in 1750. He was released at the scene of the cock, who was previously head tucked under its wing and tied in that position. In its place I was fastened to his body severed head of another rooster. Balducci gave rooster ran a few steps, "cut off" his head gushing "blood," and he showed the audience his head. Then covered with a handkerchief bird is released from under the wing of a real head and severed hiding. After that cock alive and well screened audience.

Your real name Harry Houdini - ERICH WEISS. As a child, Erich wanted to become a great magician as Robert-Houdin and Houdini took his pseudonym, which means "like Houdin».

Magic spell "Sim Sala Bim," was the first to say the Danish magician Dante (1883-1955). In fact, the three meaningless words that are similar to the eastern spell taken from the Danish children's poem.

ROLTEYR HENRY (1853-1910) traveled to the scene on a bicycle, gradually soared into the air and doing "dead loop". Rolteyr later mastered levitation vehicle with a driver.

History knows cases of mutilation to any of the "cut" assistants illusionists.

When Horace Goldin (1873-1939) showed in New York stunt "sawing girl" on the street, at the entrance to the hall, there was a car "emergency" with the words "in case the saw slip».

In the 50 years Sorcar (1913-1971), the famous Indian magician captured British viewers sawing trick with girls. At the end of the TV program, thousands of people phoned the studio to find out whether the girl is still alive.

"The dream of the mean" - is the name of the classic trick during which the air appear coins and rain fall on the stage.

Career American magician William Robinson (1861-1918), who served in the Chinese style under the pseudonym Chang Lin Su, tragically interrupted during the execution of a trick "Catching a bullet." Some viewers thought that the magician will be able to catch the teeth and normal bullet ... and shot him with this gun.

Who lived in the XVI century astrologer and soothsayer Nostradamus arranged real magic shows, showing incredible things in a specially equipped room. Spectators were watching through a narrow slit in the door, insert the wizard where ... glass prism. From camouflaged hole in the ceiling headfirst down a doll sitting in the chair. Glass prism reverses the image and the public seemed to be a doll in an incredible way grows out of the floor.

One of the rooms Pinetti, the biggest illusionist middle of the XVIII century, was a trick to swallow. Magician took out the bird cage and gave it to hold someone in the audience. I swallow immediately died. Pinette came to one of the spectators and asked her to take a breath of a bird. Then the swallow came to life and flew away! The secret to this trick is very simple: before giving fowl, illusionist quietly pulled the neck of her carotid artery; Swallow temporarily lost consciousness and looked dead. After some time, precisely known Pinetti, Swallow was recovering.

"Orange Tree" - one of the most famous tricks of the XIX century - shows Frenchman Jean-Etienne Robert-Houdin. In the eyes of Robert-Houdin spectators poured into the pot ground, throwing back the grain several times during the presentation watered it. The pot appeared germ, it turned into a green bush and then covered with oranges. Magician cut them and entertained the audience. Last orange he cut and dart out two mechanical butterflies that flew across the stage.

"Mysterious Egyptian" people-tank ALI speaking in 1916 in Russian circuses, in the course of their room drinking more than 40 cups of water. Then he took out the aquarium frogs and goldfish, and swallowed them alive. Then spewing out of his mouth water fountain about 2 meters long, it is at the request of the public, "betrayed" the fish, the frogs. Then his mouth ALI beat colorful water fountains - colored ordered public. At the end of the speech fakir drank kerosene; when another fountain appeared out of his mouth, an assistant brought a torch to the jet and fountain flashed.

In illusionist GEORGE Nagel (better known under the name of Nat Pinkerton) the repertoire was the focus of "piercing the finger nail." The audience showed a normal nail, give touch his hands, and then the magician silently replaces the nail exactly the same, but with a bow in the middle. Art is the ability to "bewitch" the audience, so they do not notice the change. In Paris, while conjuring tricks, the audience closed her illusionist dense ring, and he did not dare to show this trick. And the audience still insist on this particular focus. Then NAGEL without replacing the nail on the fake, broke through his index finger in the soft parts. Grimaces of pain overlapped magician smile, as if to indicate that this is only an illusion.

Pope Pius XII, April 1, 1934 granted illusionists own saint - John Bosco, the namesake of the famous illusionist beginning of the XIX century and also a magician. In Paris, on the street Alexandre Dumas can see the glory of the church of St. John Bosco, opened in 1937.

Indian fakir Azzaro twenty-five hours and nine minutes spent on a special bed with impacted it spikes up nails. After this experiment, which was held in Sydney, the fakir had to be sent to the hospital.

Originally celebrated its 45th anniversary of the Swiss fakir BEN ALI CAMELLIA (real name - Camille Rossier): On the day he swallowed razor blades 45 - one for each year. In 1942, working in one of the Belgian circus, Ali ben CAMELLIA "gnawed" at the first bet razor blade. Then he was able to eat fifteen blades. And that kind of record - 45 pieces.

Known in the West "scavenger fire" Ferhat IZMIR once got to the hospital, scalded with hot soup.

Illusionist TEN-Ishi went on stage with the Japanese tea, poured him a glass of water, close, and suddenly from the cover begins to beat the fountain. TEN-Ishi touched jet "magic" wand and fountain perprygival on a stick. Illusionist unfolded fan, and covered them jet. Then the water began to beat from the fans, but three fountains. TEN-Ishi snatched a long Japanese sword, struck by a fan - and it ceased to exude water. But now the stream beat of the blade of the sword. Left-Japanese assistant, touched the sword "magic" wand magician - and the fountains began to beat out fingers from the hair TEN-Ishi ... They beat the heads of the assistants, from the tip of their copies of the baskets with flowers ...

In the eyes of the audience illusionist Lafayette makeup face, neck and hands of his assistant, Negro - transforming it from a black man in white. He puts on his coat with the stars, a cylinder with red and white tape and stuck a wedge-shaped beard. Negro, thus turning into Uncle Sam approached the audience removed hat and beard and proved to ourselves ... Lafayette.

At the beginning of XX century showed Harry Houdini trick "the disappearance of a living elephant." Elephant standing on a background of black velvet curtain; assistants covered it with a white veil, under which was another of black velvet. At a sign illusionist sdёrgivali white veil, and the elephant covered with a black veil, it appears invisible on a black background.

The safe one notary's office in New York kept a thick sealed envelope, which was due to open April 6, 1974, the day of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Harry Houdini. This package is alleged to have been all the mysteries and secrets of magician. On the appointed day, a safe was open - but it was empty. The great deceiver and deceived all this time.

Username KIO appeared not as many years told Emil Kio (supposedly the sign "cinema" burned the letter "H"). In fact, in the twenties, Emil worked for several years in Poland. There he lived next to the synagogue every day and heard a prayer in which the leitmotif sounded something like "TKIO, TKIO, TKIO." He did not know Hebrew, did not know what it is, just a word sunk into his head ... But in Soviet times, the synagogue was "profanity" - that came up with this version of the appearance of a nickname for billboards "MOVIES».

When behind the scenes revue "Nyustudien" There was no one, the thief Ecce Jensen pulled off hangers and suit, dropping his filthy jacket, ran out the back door. Jensen was hiding from the Copenhagen police, and he had to change his clothes. Outdoor Ecce went to the tram stop. Suddenly, from the inside pocket of his coat flew out a dove, followed by two more. Then something began to stir in the coat-tails of his coat and, before the algid Ecce coattails managed to grab his hand, jumped out a rabbit. In the eyes of astonished passers-by of both sleeves of his coat, two brightly colored crawling boa ... From time to time a shiver shook suit and from there flew, crawled out and jumped new animals. When the coat of respectable size toad flopped, Ecce crashed to the ground unconscious. It was then that his coat and found the owner - an illusionist CAMPBELL.

Montreal 44-year-old illusionist Cedric BARNES during the hypnosis session has sold his victim blank sheet of paper for 750 thousand dollars as the original manuscript of Emile Zola's novel "Germinal". A wealthy buyer, immediately write a check for a large sum, found "fake" the next day, when the spell magician vanished completely. The poor man went to the police, but for the first time magician tried to turn everything into a joke - supposedly in a few days he would return the money and apologize for, so to speak, exceeding professional authority. However, law enforcers did not believe him: from 750 thousand dollars, which was sold to the paper, the hypnotist had to spend more than three hundred. He paid all accumulated in his account and bought a small house in the country, a good car, and stocks of wood.


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