20 comedies that will banish the winter cold

How pleasant to sit at home in the warm Baby Soft, when it's cold and frost. And if we include some interesting comedy, it becomes a lot more fun and comfortable.

Website brought to you wonderful films, over which you will laugh to tears.

The Other Woman h3> The Other Woman

Mark - a regular guy who just like to have mistresses. One of them was head over heels in love with Carly. One day she decided to make a surprise guy, but come to his home, she meets his lawful wedded wife. Later, it turns out that Mark has another mistress - a young Amber, who knows nothing about the adventures of her boyfriend. Deceived women decide to band together and take revenge on her abuser.

macho and nerdy h3> 21 Jump Street

Schmidt and Genco hated each other at school. One of them was a real nerd, and the second - a favorite of the girls. But life would have it, at the Police Academy, they became friends. Unfortunately, they failed to become the brave guardians of order, and the only chance to fix it - take part in undercover operations, which takes place in the school.

Walk of Shame h3> Walk of Shame

Megan - industrious young woman with nice external data. She always dreamed of becoming a TV presenter on the channel, but she chose another candidate. After a night of revelry, Megan is in the far area of ​​Los Angeles without a car, passports and money. But the main thing - she called and told that the leading place vacant. And Megan has only 8 hours to get to the most important interview of her life.

My Favorite Martian h3> My Favorite Martian

The life of an ordinary reporter Tim O'Hara began the amazing adventures. He came across a Martian, who took human form. Tim decides to shoot his friend on the camera to return to a job and the respect of colleagues. But by accident of time, this idea less and less like a reporter, and he decides to help a Martian to return home.

This foolish love h3> Crazy, Stupid, Love

We Cola Rivera was a great life until he learned that his wife was cheating on him. Man has long been not to go out on dates, and does not even remember how to do it. Jacob Palmer - charming guy, decides to help Cola start his own life and opens his eyes to the many possibilities: spirits, beautiful women and a sense of style.

Eurotrip h3> EuroTrip

Scott Thomas - graduates of local schools that need help in learning German. For these purposes, he met on the Internet with people in Germany - Mike. Scott is confident that Mike man, and therefore shares with him his feelings about the girl. As a result, the student learns that his pen pal is a girl who really wants to meet him. Now Scott is willing to do anything to see her, even a trip to Europe.

Ideal voice h3> Pitch Perfect

The main character of the film Beck is trying to cope with personal problems - divorce of parents to survive and become the coolest DJ. But by chance it gets to a musical group, where they sing a capella. Together with a team of Beck is trying to achieve success and become a winner in the competition from the American singers. Musical youth comedy, full of energy and positive.

Moonrise Kingdom h3> Moonrise Kingdom

A good story about the life of children's summer camps, from which runs a couple of teenagers in love. Sam an orphan and an outcast among the other Boy Scouts, Susie - closed girl who lives with dreams of a magical world. After finding missing sheriff begins an investigation, and the Boy Scouts camp leader will organize a search party.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective h3> Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura runs a private detective to search for pets, although his habits he himself recalls animal. Once he podvorachivaetsja one thing - to find the dolphin, nicknamed "Snowball", the mascot of the local football team. Ace immediately goes to work, showing the unexpected wonders of ingenuity.

Hotel "Marigold" The Best Exotic h3> The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The film follows a group of British retirees who are desperate and tired. They became just need a change of scenery. One evening, they fall for the bait of online advertising on one of the best hotels in India. Without hesitation retirees take your bags and go to adventure.

Diary of Bridget Jones h3> Bridget Jones's Diary

The main character of the film Bridget Jones's works in publishing, has bad habits, and has no relations. The last point is particularly worried about her mother, who is trying to shove her neighbor's son Mark, Bridget and she's crazy about her irresistible chief Daniel. Easy film that looks at one go.

Death at a Funeral h3> Death at a Funeral

Great British family gathers together for not very rosy because of - the death of his relative. As it turns out later, my uncle was not a man of the soul crystal. This family learned from the blackmailer, who will not tell anyone about my uncle, only if he paid a tidy sum.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion h3> Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Best friends Romy and Michelle, 10 years after graduating from high school are invited to the reunion. Girls know that they have nothing to show off in front of their classmates - they have not made a career, not married and not have got rich lovers. Then Romy and Michelle come up with a "legend." They take an expensive rental car, wearing business suits and come to the reunion, where they plan to produce a real sensation.

Baby h3> Laggies

Megan is still looking at the world through the eyes of a teenager, he is behaving like a little girl, afraid to be responsible for their actions and to make serious decisions. So she takes a break, lying to her boyfriend that she was going on vacation for a week, and she just "falls in childhood" and comes off in the company of unfamiliar teenagers.

Here it is h3> And So It Goes

The film's protagonist - a cynical and selfish Oren Little, who at the end of his life can not boast of having family friendly and good relations with neighbors and friends. Once in his life bursts son and asked to look after the child while he will be in prison. Reluctantly agreed, Oren does not yet understand that the granddaughter make him believe in himself and will find love.

Dogma h3> Dogma

Two fallen angels, Loki and Bartleby, have learned that they have a chance to return to paradise. To do this they need to go through the arch of the consecrated in the Cathedral of New Jersey to become the people die and go to heaven. But prapraplemyannitsa Jesus can not allow this to happen. She is joined by the thirteenth apostle Rufus and two mortal prophet - one of whom is played by the director himself.

dream vacation h3> What We Did on Our Holiday

Doug Eby and McLeod with their children go to Scotland on the anniversary of his grandfather. In order not to upset the hero of the occasion, the parents decided to keep secret many family problems, but 3 chatty child demolish all their plans. A wonderful film that leaves behind an incredibly pleasant feelings.

Magic in the Moonlight h3> Magic in the Moonlight

Wonderful film about spiritualism, jugglers and artists. Outstanding illusionist comes to the Cote d'Azur, to expose the young charlatan allegedly knows how to invoke the spirits of the dead. She charmed the rich heir and his mother, a widow, and it does not suit the other family members.

Spy h3> Spy

Susan Cooper is working on a low position in the CIA and dreams of becoming a secret agent. Once the fate gives her the opportunity. Susan has to figure out the location of a nuclear bomb, but whether it can cope with the task?

Entry h3> The Intern

70-year-old Ben Whitaker knows that retirement - not the end. He gets a chance to get a journalist in a major online fashion magazine, but for this he will have to undergo training under the direction of a young woman Jules Austin.

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