Mikhalkov: "Serfdom - this is good and light, it is the wisdom and patriotism of the people"

Nikita Mikhalkov told reporters about his creative plans.

According to the director, he plans to shoot a historical film about serfdom, to which the budget has been allocated three hundred million rubles.

"The Bolsheviks have done a terrible thing; they erased the memory of the people of our cultural heritage, the memories of all the good things and the light that was in the Russian people, including the memory of serfdom. Restore the historical truth - our problem ", - said the director.

Mikhalkov recalled the outstanding spiritual Russian peasants, emphasizing the love of the Russian people to "firm hand┬╗:

"With the filing of the Bolsheviks in Russia now think that serfdom was something of a North American slavery. But these were not the relationship of slave and master, and sons and father. Many peasants did not want any "freedom." Yes, sometimes smacked peasant landowner; and the father of her smacks naughty child. "

The director also told about the true nature of serfdom and its significance for the people:
"After all, what was serfdom? Serfdom - patriotism is attached to the paper. The man was bound to the earth-mother is not only a sense of duty, but also documented. Serfdom - is the wisdom of the people, it's four hundred years of our history. And now, when I offer to delete these four hundred years of our history to strike out, I say "Brothers, so what do you think our ancestors were fools?┬╗.

"I am very pleased that Putin is now reviving our historical memory, - said the director. Law on Registration - this is exactly what is missing to our people who are cut off from the earth & quot ;.

Conclusion: The case Mikhalkov heavy treatment can not be, the language does not wash ...

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