7 behavior of Nikita Khrushchev, who shocked the world (5 photos)

September 3, 1953 the USSR entered a new stage of evolution. On this day, the first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee and became the de facto head of state Nikita Khrushchev. "Contrary to all common sense" - we would certainly complement our detractors Nikita.

Reputation, among other high-mates Khrushchev was not very dignified. "The Fool, fool, an ignoramus," - spoke of him arrogant old Bolsheviks Stalin Guard. Or withdraws himself in good, tight margins of power. Intellectuals Nikita, of course, was not, but it can not be called imbecile. "A monkey with a grenade" - this is the most accurate description of the new first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. However, then this idiom nobody knew ...

1. «If you live among wolves, you have to act like a wolf»

His first grenade fragments that were scattered around the world, Khrushchev blew up in the morning February 25, 1956 - the last day of XX-th Congress of the CPSU. Khrushchev delivered a report "On the Personality Cult and its Consequences", in which not a stone was left standing by Joseph Stalin. This was equivalent to, if today before the US Congress, President Obama spoke with President George W. Bush's accusations in the organization of a "new world order».

It would be naive to believe that Khrushchev acted like a moron. Without the support of Comrade Khrushchev did not dare to even utter the name of Stalin, without using "our leader and teacher." It is possible that Stalin was still the company to Lenin in his mausoleum in Red Square. However, in February 1956, there is such a political situation in which one group was beneficial to "jump" from the Stalin to get a good tactical advantage over other more tied to the cult of the leader, the clan. And the face of this "leap" is lucky to be Nikita Sergeyevich.

2. "Our goals are clear, the problem identified by! For his work, comrades! »

Of course, Khrushchev could hardly be on the charisma of the previous Soviet leaders: probably this fact and determined the course of action, role model of the first secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU. He wanted to surprise all the time, because I was sure to pull out Stalin's name from the heart of the Soviet people need to do something extraordinary, something fantastic. For example, to send a man into space. Interestingly, the de-Stalinization in the Soviet Union took place side by side with space exploration. After the dethronement of Stalin's personality cult in the XX-th Congress, Khrushchev, in 1957, he launched the first satellite. Well, after Gagarin made a circle around the Earth, Nikita Sergeyevich with calm showers betrayed Stalin's body earth. People do not make a sound ...

3. "From the saxophone to a knife - only one step!»

Khrushchev liked the image of a peacemaker. After the XX-th Congress in relations with the West, he planned to follow this role model. But a very short time ... In March of 1956 in Georgia were brutally dispersed demonstrations in support of Stalin. In this West closed his eyes. However, in the autumn of 1956 the USSR army brutally suppressed the uprising in Hungary. That's when Khrushchev realized that the role of peacemaker, it is important to have a strong charisma, like Stalin before which experienced a physiological fear even the head of the USA and England. At a meeting of the Politburo, which was to decide on Hungary, he said: "If we leave from Hungary, this will cheer up the Americans, the British and French imperialists. They understand [it] like our weakness, and will attack. " Perhaps, then Khrushchev knew that he was destined to the world as a "monkey with a grenade," the role of idiot. But the fool, behind which stands the empire.

4. "Who is going to hit us on the cheek, we head to tear off»

Khrushchev constantly reflect on how it is perceived by the imperialists. For the domestic market there was another Khrushchev - "bald thug." Of course, with a grenade. And this way the first secretary of successfully coping. On the one hand, he launched a program for the rehabilitation of the repressed that demanded political moment. And on the other - he walked around the iron to the common people.

First Nikita spring of 1957 actually announced the internal defaulted, decided to terminate the payments on all issues "Stalinist" bonds, which were at one time "mandatory" and to subscribe to them each year from a Soviet citizen took sometimes up to three months' salary. But soon, "at the request of the workers," it was decided to raise the retail prices of meat and meat products by 30%. This led to mass unrest in many cities. But the most terrible tragedy occurred in the spring of 1962 in Novocherkassk, when workers' demonstration was suppressed by means of machine-gun fire.

5. "We have one contentious issue - the land: Who will bury?»

Mister Khrushchev said «We will bury you» - anxious Sting sang in a song Russians in 1985. Khrushchev in his self-assertion was able to catch up with fear for several generations "imperialists" their inappropriate behavior. Most of all, Khrushchev fell in love with the phrase "we will bury you." He liked to act in the form of "gravedigger of capitalism," he liked to strain as Gopnik feeling in my hand the weight of brass knuckles and power gang behind, like bullying passer. He strained Kennedy, Nixon, he strained and felt this emotional high "bespredelschik».

It is a vivid illustration of the nature of Khrushchev is an episode of his meeting with a US senator. American like Nikita Sergeyevich, and he asked, "Where are you?" - "Minneapolis." First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee came to the world map around Minneapolis pencil and joked: "It's that I do not forget that this city has to survive when our missiles fly».

6. "If you start throwing urchins under me, I'll throw a couple of porcupines under you»

Khrushchev can safely be regarded as the first person in world politics, who is not afraid to act as a "freak." Image of Nikita Sergeyevich with different tuning tried on many politicians, but hardly any of them are a little closer to the ability to pick Nikita metaphors. One of these metaphors in the late 1950s, Khrushchev stunned the American ambassador, giving analysis of actions German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer: "We will never accept Adenauer as a representative of Germany. If you take off his pants and look at his ass, we can see that Germany is divided. And if you look from the front, you can make sure that Germany would never rise ».

7. "When it comes to the struggle against imperialism, we Stalinists»

Many foreign Communists saw in "frostbite" Khrushchev certain malice. The man who promised that "the present generation will live under communism," with all my way, all their shares if wanted to devalue the very idea of ​​communism. Some political analysts even believed that debunking the cult of Stalin was calculated on foreign markets - in the 1950s, Joseph Stalin was a real icon for the Communists, and to protest the youth of the West. Khrushchev did everything in order to clear the foreign party of the Stalinists: for sometimes he used the UN rostrum. But the greatest gift "imperialists", he did break off relations with China devoted Stalinist Mao Zedong: China and the Soviet Union was the most serious threat to the imperialists.

Who is easy to say, Khrushchev was a Trojan horse in the international communist movement, but that it contributed to the undermining of the authority of Marxism in the world, can not be questioned.


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