About the most expensive water ....

10th place: For one, you can buy a $ 88 bottle of «Equa». Water is extracted in the conservation area
Amazonian forests of Brazil, in a unique aquifer, consisting entirely of rose quartz.

9th place: Bottle «Tasmanian rain» will cost $ 4. This is the rare case when the name is entirely relevant content. Manufacturer simply collects rainwater on the north coast of Tasmania and pours it into bottles. The air of this place is considered one of the cleanest in the world, as well as rainwater.

8th place: $ 4 a bottle of water «Iskilde» (the name translates as "cold source"). Water pump in Denmark from a depth of 55 meters. In producing the water has a temperature of 30 C, which is 3-4 times the lower the temperature of the conventional underground water.

7th place: Water «Fine» 5, $ 12 is extracted from a depth of 640 m from the volcanic belt of Mount Fuji.

6th place: For $ 6, you can try the water from the Argentine Patagonia, almost from the southern edge of the Earth called «Lauquen Artesian mineral water». Water is extracted from a depth of more than 500 meters from the source at the foot of the Andes. Thus, it is directly fed into the bottle from the source except the contact with air.


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