Liberation "Winnie the Pooh", stuck his head in cans

In Vermont, USA during a walk through the woods biologist Forrest Hammond saw a hundred meters from the highway black bear, whose head is stuck inside the steel cans for milk. Biologist called the police and firefighters. Quickly a crowd of onlookers, who photographed the poor beast. For six hours and 59-pound cub could not free himself from the can. Long-term efforts to get rid of "steel trap" and hit a tree and stones tired animal, and he lay still, lying heavily.

I had to tie a can to a tree to bear lying quietly and did not run through the forest, causing self-mutilation. Hammond remembered that he was in a truck with a tranquilizer last year's hunting lynx. An injection of the drug quickly lulled bear, then started rescue operation of the animal, but all efforts to steal a can of bear's head failed. It did not help and liquid soap, generously applied to wool bear.

In the end, firefighters had to cut the edge of the can, straighten it and 20 minutes later awakened and liberated bear ran away from the spot where he had long been in a terrible prison. In a study of cans found out that it was up to the latter-day Pooh grain, which also attracted him.


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