Manufacturing kilt at home

Set of kilts are sold in stores specially trained. As low as 25 to several hundred pounds. But it's all already sewn kilts. Continuous cheating. Even expensive models that currently buy the Scots, is a crosslinked small kilt for any special occasions. This kilt, in which the Scots in the 17-18 century whiskey illegally persecuted and fought with the British, do yourself at home.

To look like a real beast, you will need: - Grandma's checkered plaid fleece. Size 1, 5x6 meters. - Belt - long homespun shirt, called Jacobite Shirt - long wool socks - comfortable shoes for long walks in the mountains and battles. Thus, we begin. We put on a shirt, go into the open field and spread a blanket on the ground grandmother.

Making folds. Most long and tedious part of manufacturing kilt. Measure out the one hand, arm length and begin to gather the folds, while with the other hand there will be no creases as much a part ...

The final version should look like this.

Take the belt and stretch under the rug.


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