History goalie masks

Those of us who have ever held in my hands a hockey puck and can imagine what a speed of 150 km / h, it is difficult to surprise the fact that hockey goalies wear masks. But among that over the years they put on their faces, there are many amazing. However, the most surprising is how long goalkeepers stood with uncovered faces completely before rushing at them with speed bomber taking off pieces of frozen rubber. Your correspondents are part-time father of a hockey goalie, think about it and scared. Nevertheless, it is a fact: the mask has become an integral part of the ammunition goalkeeper relatively recently - in the second half of the last century. And not all goalkeepers, believe it or - no, gladly accepted this invention. However, given the fact that they are all just got the puck on nothing but the skull, the brain is not protected, something to believe in such nonsense is just not difficult.

As it is easy to believe that the pioneer who tried (albeit unsuccessfully) to send these masochists on the right path, was ... a woman. The earliest mention of a shot, protects the face, refers to 1927, when the women's team goalkeeper at Queen's University in Kingston (Ontario) Elizabeth Graham took to the ice in a mask for fencing.


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