Funny and silly signs beauty salons

We offer a selection of bizarre signs beauty salons, most of which was found on open spaces of our country. Still, everyone should mind his own business. What kind of services does not only offer modern beauty salons.

This target audience or client output?

All anti-leg hair!

Mowing with elements horrrora.

Great offer for those with 3 hair.

Oh, those standards of beauty ...

And nobody's fault that you so shorn.

The most poetic name.

If comb penetrates into the brain, it's scary. Especially if the brain of the designer.

Look in the mirror and react adequately.

The solid hopeless.

Rasputin - the standard of beauty for women and men.

Steeper Rasputin only Pavlik.

Senseless and ruthless creative Kazan.

For your favorite zmeyuchki.

Beauty "gibberish».

Want you to do, "Chick-Chick»?

Lohmanella? They're serious?

Somewhere not far from Lohmanelly.

The only place where you may cut and hack.

For those who could not help Lohmanella.

When there is "krosata" mind is not needed.

Here with customers scalp.

Beauty - a harsh thing.

... And requires human sacrifice.

Maybe next time better luck?



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