Office prikolyuh

Writes soundcoder:

The guys in the department today blinded just such prikolyuh.
They took the stick dead.
Our corporate cheap stuff - complete shit, die like maggots in bleach.

Disassembled, carefully sealed-off, they are taken out and thrown all the electronic guts of the corpse.

With dead mobilki removed the vibrator motor and vpindyuhali inside pitalovo soldered on the inside of the contact area of ​​the former flehi.
To avoid jamming at the eccentric motor, all fiksanuli silicone "snot."

Once assembled, seemingly turned quite a normal USB flash drive, but sticking it into the USB port on the computer, begins a sudden buzzing, vibrating guard!
We look forward to "sacrifice" to gently shove this joy.
And even cooler would be if it someone nt skommunizdil !!! =))

Thus here and entertain yourself sometimes at work ...



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