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So, having read posts counterparts, international drivers bulec, decided to make a small post on the same subject, but from his cabin. Maybe someone would be interested. Chukcha reader, so that errors may be present. Well, over the mat, and I can ebuknut course. Since the topic has been disclosed to me, nothing really will not paint. Just pictures and small komenty.

Will be 57 photos.

I am from Mogilev, Belarus, respectively, and we'll go from here. Teammate finished his lap and gave me a car. I dragged their belongings, took and checked all the documents, you can go.

. 2.Vot in the booth I have to spend 20 days Well fucking do about it, we must. The more having stayed at home, the more go broke. My first flight later this year. He sat behind the wheel and I thought, as I went on this garbage !? Weaned six weeks

3.Trassa Mogilev-Minsk. Paid. Payment via Beltol. An analogue of the Polish viatola. 3 and 5 m. Free.

4.Edem at Kamenny Log checkpoint. In kolleyku began at night, so no pictures. And in general as the main job I had at night, Fota tried, but at night, and in the course of this fucked up.

5.The koleyku (6 km.) And the border crossing killed two days. My least favorite part of the job. Order on the borders there, all climb like a flock of sheep. With grief in half burst to Lithuania and became the parking lot. 8 Euro per night. The most expensive parking. Toad strangling, but nowhere else. Solarium could've stole directly from the tank.

6.Vyspalsya, eat, and go. We drive to Vilnius. Through the city also can not go during the day. But I noticed that all fuck.

7.Doroga Vilnius-Kaunas. The way to the New Year in Lithuania have to buy vignette (road charge). But Russian numbers will not cover.

8.Kaunas-Mariampol. We are heading to Warsaw.

9.Ranshe here was the border. Now no one. But on the Polish side is always graze transporters. Basically allowed to check, but there rengen and may doge obshmonat cabin. I am sure that even if allowed full, stop before the border and recheck. When I flew into Minsk guy, I forgot to put the date of entry. A fine of 10 thousand. Zł. Almost 2, 5 kiloEvro. Why not 10? Why not 100? Fag.

10.Proskochili, tumble Poland. Poland is one big village. Naselenka for naselenkoy, and a bunch of policemen. There may be at civilian cars, and even in the form of one dick must stop.

11.Kafe-parking Bison. Each carrier calls in here to eat. Inexpensive and delicious. I never pass by. One problem, then you go and think: Fuck, I ate ...

12.Vezzhaem in Warsaw. Tselimsya to 23 zero zero. In the past may be, but for 500 zlotys.

13.Cherez Warsaw highway passes, so we bring down the whole hog. Faster time to rush and get in the parking lot until all scored.

14. Parking the day, almost everyone left. Dostaivayut sucks same night fliers.

15. We leave, and gas. The road is excellent, parking and toilets are better than the Germans.

16. bills. There are only two of 5. viatolu 3 for cash or card.

17. We arrived at the car wash. Most deshovaya (60zl / 15e) Not because of the price I am here, but because of the queues on the other washes. And no, it is necessary to catch the customs.

18. Normally, customs clearance takes about an hour, but this time I stood for hours 6. Therefore there and slept and did sucks. We drive in Deutschland.

19. The roads are good of course.

20. Repair also conducted competently, without difficulty movement.

21. began tripping.

22. The Germans love in such places to put the sign "Overtaking is prohibited cargo." Catch the foreman, and pushed him perdyachim steam.

23. Pay attention to the instantaneous flow.

24. Parking in Germany. Clean, cultural, but it stinks of urine.

25.Pauza 45 minutes and sneak on.

26. It can be seen how many free parking spaces that are not in vain schemitsya and not waste time.

27. Here we are on the way to France. If not for the signs and did not know it would have been in another country.

28.Dorozhnye pointers even the blind will see. And no one in the bushes or behind a tree.
-Comrade Driver, you did not see the sign?
-And He is!

29.Vot and our Congress.

30. The drive to the factory.

31. All right. Caught where necessary.

32. Here we go priperli. All machines in Europe is made from Russian iron. What the fuck are they normally get? Shaitan ... not otherwise.

33. Half an hour to unload and free. I am leaving the factory.

34.Stal in the parking lot. Wait for the download.

35. Weedon fucking course.

36. Stood 2 days, and then found out that there are still close to 2 of our machines. I rushed to them, and then forget the native language.

37. kartohu on a kerosene stove. It is written for fries, but fryer is not put into trucks.

38.Vot and stood until Monday. Prom zone silence. If not uebki with the following pictures.

39.Turki or dick knows what Arabs. A noise from morning till night. Living permanently in the camp in these houses. One what that old pussy clock called felts daughter, granddaughter or omitted. That nasty voice loudly: Lucia! When I left leg crossed.

40.Utrom Monday booted, waited 5 hours, documents, and slowly back.

41.Kilometrov 40 in France, and again enter Germany.

42. Moving slowly. Dvizhuha calm. We drive and clicking on the sides of the face.

43.Tuneli. Look at the length. It feels like an earthworm in crotin hole.

44.Prosto road signs, landscape.

45.Monotonno monotonous and go and go ...

46. ​​Crossed Germany stopped at customs, and here we are again in Poland.

47. And the next morning rested in kolleyku.

48.Kilometrov 8 somewhere. As they Jam, these kolleyki.

49. But we were lucky that there was police and not let no left-perishable, and other hitrovyebanyh assholes. By the beginning of the next day, we drove into the Polish terminal.

50. Standing in the sector, then in zelenke to 10 am were Belarusian terminal. Someone bought a sudёnyshko fishing.

51. Make a dinner and began to suck on parking. Early the next morning, I at all stages flew home to catch at least a day at home to defend.

52. On Sunday, went to the customs in Khimki, the entire Monday there ottorchali. In the evening we went to unload in Gagarin.

53. unloads on a plywood factory. Steel plant on site to us at the Austrian, and asks: What the fuck? We figured that he wanted and realized that he was interested in what cargo. Rastentovali showed he rushed for punishment, and threw us for a half hour. This line of packaging plywood.

54.Gruzilis at a metallurgical plant in Stary Oskol. At this time, the goods will go to Belgium.

55.Zagruzilsya, zatamozhilsya and forward to the final spurt toward the house.

56. Russia and Belarus are very few pictures. Circle in Russia is very small. But I think everyone saw and know everything. I came home, his partner gave the car and sent him to flight.

57. Here's a turned flight. After about 8 thousand. Km. 22 days. That's all. I look forward to your questions, suggestions, comments and constructive criticism.



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