Illustrations for children up to 3 years. Hand face!

My parents collected book collections from various newspapers. Recently published a children's book, a fairy tale "The Valiant Little Tailor." Text quality publications, paper, even the quality of the painted images - at the highest level. But that's what these pictures drawn, plunged me into a stupor, especially when I read that they are intended for children under three years. Personally, I immediately recalled the image Castaneda with his peyote stories.

14 photo.

2. Open the reversal. There's a positive dark gray background and the strange mosquito on one side

3. Cutie

4. ...

5 ...

6 ...

7. Here is a picture with many details.

8. On some more. A man will rule flies in the background. In the foreground, a rider on a horse-wasp.

9. Giant face with otklyachennoy degenerate ass well drawn, head over to a swarm of flies

10. Unicorn. It seems like to be a good fantasy creatures.

11. Fish lucky pig through the desert

12.Izobrazhenie some terrible dream probably

13. Well, actually. We see bad, so I'll write.

Literary-art edition. For children up to three years. Golden Collection for children.
The publication has a significant historical / cultural / artistic value to society.

14. Where is printed? Oh, in Latvia! The last photo.



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