Funny pictures of Arthur Mobius

Arthur Mebius - Dutch photographer. He photographs the simple scenes from the life of different people. But he does it with a fresh sense of humor that the photo viewing consistently improves mood.

Treatments quite a bit, I'm just trying to see in the simple things funny moments. Life is a funny thing!

I'm a photographer-storyteller. I like to tell stories in a single image.

Photographer enough is known in the Netherlands. His work has won a prize at the international exhibition in Cannes, PANL Sony Award, Epica and others.

Moebius lives near Amsterdam with his wife and two children, working just a picture, nothing extraordinary. A funny photos spread on his modest site.

My wife says that I do everything with love for his ideas. Even those ideas, which are themselves depressing, try to apply zhizneutverzhdayusche.


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