RUSSIA perish like the USSR - NEVZOROV

Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov confident that Russia will destroy the same as that of the USSR, writes with reference to the Rupor Znak.

"The USSR destroyed the same as ruin Russia - senselessness of imperial forms of any public education. Before any empire was quite profitable (...) Russia somehow "shifted" in its enormity, the usual geographical responsibility - that, she says, not for her. But I believe that our ideologists may think, still will work the laws of historical development. And that destroyed the Soviet Union and destroy Russia. That is a natural historical process. "Threat" comes from the laws of historical development. Unfortunately, these laws nor destroy a grenade launcher "Grad", nor of "Kalashnikov" is impossible. They are carried out regardless of what at the moment there are weapons, "- said Nevzorov.

Nevzorov is also confident that Russia will not be able to overcome the influence of criminal Caucasus

"We lost the Chechen war, we pay tribute. We do not stand in serious conflict with the Caucasus. I am a direct witness of the events in Grozny and understand in what a thread then hung the fate of the entire country. Due to the fact that we were unfit for combat army and all the generals, kilometers stripes, cardboard rocket whole ritualistika Ministry obvorony - it's all very nice, but is not able to ensure the security of Russia. And any other country. So, of course, we did not win the conflict with the Caucasus. And the only way - all the time to throw those embers notes that there is not a new fire broke out. It's unpleasant, but we must have the courage to say the words. Against the entire Russian military machine had three thousand lay-Chechens, who long played a huge army on the penis "- said the journalist.


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