Russia promises to forgive and Europe at all levels

Russia promises to say goodbye to Europe at all levels. On the economic - in response to sanctions redirect oil and gas exports to China, go to the ruble and the national payment system. On the political - in response to the annexation of the Crimea condemnation suspend PACE. On the cultural - officially register in government documents the thesis that "Russia is not Europe».

This is stated in an editorial in the Russian edition of Bulletin. There are strange in the actions of such historic proportions - they are urgent.

Today open session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which will discuss the issue of sanctions against the Russian Federation and possibly depriving its voting rights in connection with the actions of the Kremlin in the Ukrainian Crimea.

"In response to a possible divestment or the suspension of voting rights Russian lawmakers have threatened to withdraw themselves. First deputy chairman of the faction "Fair Russia" Mikhail Emelyanov, for example, said that Russia has become an independent center of world development. Senator Igor Morozov said on the air of "Echo of Moscow", which in the case of exclusion from the PACE Russia may lift the moratorium on the death penalty, as it was a condition of entry. Showered with other joyful comments, saying that if the European Court of Human Rights, we will not decree and you can finally forget about all sorts of European conventions "- the article says.

Comments Russian deputies symbolically very important because they indicate a trend of last time - the joy of the fact that no longer need to hold discussions with the tedious Europeans to come up with arguments to support their point of view, just to save face.

"We are no longer the Europeans - and you can spit on the contracts that we made when we were Europeans" - Vedomosti. Typically, such a rejection of subjectivity to evade responsibility in children: remember, they come up with some "another boy" who has done all the bad things.

It is also interesting that there is a mirror version of "another boy", invented by Vladimir Putin to explain the conflict with Ukraine: there Putin refused to subjectivity new Ukrainian government, as Russia entered into agreements with the old.

But we must still explain all this and fix in the minds of its citizens. Probably, this is to help the Ministry of Culture prepared a draft basis of state cultural policy (OGKP), quotes from which leads the "Interfax": "Russia should be treated as a unique and distinctive civilization, can not be reduced either to" the West ", nor to the" East. " Brief statement of this position is the thesis "Russia is not Europe", confirmed by the whole history of the country and the people. " The authors believe that social cohesion is threatened "alien values", which is necessary to deal with a common cultural policy.

Document status is unclear, for public discussion of its promise to present in mid-April. But why is it needed, have explained the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov at a meeting of the working group on OGKP: "Recent events in Ukraine demonstrate to some serious consequences for statehood may cause rejection of conventional values ​​and externally provoked a split society. We are with you can not allow, we have no right. "


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