Google Night Walk: night walk to Marcel. Now with sound


Google does a lot for the service Google Street View has become more realistic, allowing the user to feel immersed in this virtual reality. To total immersion is far as the human consciousness to connect to the computer has not yet been learned. But some improvements in this regard have already.

A few days ago, Google has opened access to particular locations - Marcel, the French city where you can walk almost like in reality. In fact, besides panoramic photos, the developers added more audio stream noise of the streets, with the voices of people, car horns and all. There are easy, "atmospheric" music.

According to the developers, panoramic photo in the "Night Walk" is much better than in conventional locations Google Street View, so that you can see almost all the details that are of interest to the user. Well, take a trip to the French city can here .

Perhaps in the future this service will be expanded to other cities, which can be seen and heard.



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