The strange weapon in the history of mankind

People - strange creatures we are able with the same force and love, and want to die the same as we are.
We are creating a weapon that one of its kind shudder.
But sometimes things go wrong and the gun can laugh, not to drive them into a cold sweat.
Journalists io9 tried to recall the strangest weapons in the history of mankind.
23 photos, some videos

Gun Harmonica

List of gun opens Harmonica (Harmonica Pistol). At the end of the 19th century, roughly between 1859 and 1862 years, the French inventor of Jarre (AE Jarre) has received several patents for the weapon is very unusual design. The US patent was filed in 1873

As used in this time hairpin cartridges, due to the protruding pins of the cartridges, creating difficulties for their centering relative to the striking part of the hammer in a multiply charged weapons. Jarre decided to make a horizontal block the chamber, which houses the cartridges. In fact, we got deployed in a horizontal line drum.

Operation "Acoustic cat»

Operation "Acoustic cat" CIA project with a budget of $ 20 million. It launched in 1960 and ended ignominiously in 1967. Here is a quote from one media '60s: "Just an hour veterinarian turned fluffy cat in an elite spy implanted in her ear canal microphone and a small radio transmitter in the base of the skull, as well as the nitty thin wire antenna in its gray-white fur. The goal - to make a living machine of a cat for observation. The first task spy felines was: to record a conversation between two men sitting on a park bench, where the cat was taken to the CIA. Instead pussy just wandering around the park, and then suddenly threw himself on a busy street and was crushed by a taxi. "

Heavy weapons "Gustav" and "Dora»

Heavy weapons "Gustav" and "Dora" - the largest in the history of the caliber (800 mm!) And with the heavy shells (7 tons!).
Designed and built by Krupp in the late 1930s to destroy the main forts on the Maginot line of defense. The instrument is also used in the storming of Sevastopol in 1942.


Flashlight-gun manufactured for North Korean secret agents. Each hole is a barrel. To make a shot, just press the button.


Dogs trained to bring explosives under tanks or military installations, used in Soviet and Russian army from 1930 to 1996, the US Army in 1943 and the Iraqi insurgency in the 2000s. Dogs (and even dolphins), surely it is a pity. Army - no.

Here he writes in his "Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II» (The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II), Chris Bishop (Chris Bishop): «serious mistakes in training dogs has been identified already in combat.

Dogs coached by a Soviet diesel tanks, and the German tanks run on gasoline. The result was sad dogs ran to the familiar smells of Soviet cars ».


Here is another instance of mini-weapons: a ring-back-Dyson LePetit six shots (22 gauge).


"Tsar Tank»

"Tsar-Tank" (also known as "Bat", "The Bat", a tank Lebedenco machine Lebedenco sometimes also occurs option "Mammoth" or "Mastodon»).

The biggest and perhaps the most bizarre armored vehicle ever built. It appeared in 1914 in Russia. Twilight born genius by the name of Nikolai Lebedenco. The tank had a good old form of tricycle. Two large wheels height of 8 m 2, and the engines were also two, namely, high-speed aircraft gasoline "Maybach" (!!!) to 240 hp

Large wheels were too heavy, so the tank is often stuck. After several tests of the car remained somewhere in the field, and was there for eight years - until it was dismantled. The photo - a newly reconstructed layout.

A Vespa 150 TAP

Vespa 150 TAP - moped American-made M20 rifle with a caliber of 75 mm recoilless. However, we collected mopeds in France, because they were intended for the French paratroopers. After the presentation of this hybrid in 1956, nothing about it was heard.

It is a pity, because with such a moped even Moscow traffic would not be afraid)))

Bomb bats

Bomb ... with bats inside. This bizarre weapon was created during World War II through the efforts of the US Air Force. Inside was a dozen small incendiary bombs attached to the tails of Brazilian tailed (a type of bat).

"Bulgarian umbrella»

"Bulgarian umbrella", developed by the Bulgarian and Soviet secret service KGB. It was used to kill Bulgarian dissident writer Georgi Markov in 1978 at Waterloo Bridge in London (UK).

Umbrella had built a tiny pistol that shoots a metal capsule with ricin. Markov, feel a kind of a bee sting, he died three days after the shot.

"Babylon Project»

"Project Babylon" - a secret Iraqi weapons being developed in 1988-1990.

Among other good deeds Saddam Hussein wanted to build a huge and most of the world weapons. "Great Babylon" had to have a barrel length of 156 meters, and its shells were instructed to reach the outskirts much to orbit. By a strange irony, part of this thing produced in Europe. In the picture you see only two sections joined together. They are exhibited in the Museum of Portsmouth (UK).

Chemical weapons, "Who? I? »

"Who? I?". Chemical weapons with such an extraordinary name was created by the Americans for the French Resistance during the Second World War. The idea was this: a fighter sneaking up to the Nazi occupiers and sprayed it around the contents of the can.
Do you think that after a while the Germans fell and died in convulsions?
Not at all.
Spray only sprayed the smell of feces.

Lipstick-gun "Kiss of Death»

"Kiss of Death" - lipstick pistol caliber 4, 5 mm, set up in the KGB in the "very cold weather."

The dove-rocket and missile cat

And the curtain let us look into the past.

"Weapon" is well known, but still ...
The dove-rocket and missile cat, illustration of three editions Buch von den probierten Künsten Franz Helm (Franz Helm), issued in 1535, 1584 and 1607 respectively.

That's all, thank you for your attention and instead of wars and weapons ...



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