Notable weapons in history (11 photos)

For centuries, weapons are constantly being improved. But in human history have affected only a few models.
I present to you the most significant models of weapons.

Hand Gun, XIII century

As you know, gunpowder came to us from China. In the X century in China, in addition to a wide variety of fireworks and flamethrowers, we developed a lot of gunpowder weapons, most known as the "fire lances" and "Fire Dragon". First real firearm, to run a shell from which the powder was used, can be dated by XIII century, the reign of the Yuan Dynasty. This weapon was a bronze hand gun he was holding one man and another zapalival. Despite the fact that the long-range missiles was quite small, and the accuracy of the low, smoke, fire and the roar must have frightened the enemies.

Gatling gun 1862

One of the first true machine gun .50 caliber models with the actual rate of over 700 rounds per minute, was invented by Richard J.. Gatling. Gatling gun - six-barreled weapon with a revolving barrel unit, driven by a handle equipped with a gravity feed system of ammunition from the store, which provides automatic charging and shot each barrel by turning the block. After his first brief appearance in the American Civil War, the Gatling gun was much more effective in the Spanish-American War, in their turn, as the British used its deadly force in the colonial wars against the Zulus in South Africa and the Mahdist Sudan.

Colt "Peacemaker" 1873

Samuel Colt was not the inventor of the revolver, but it was the first time he replaced them with single-piece production of skilled gunsmiths on the conveyor. That company Colt introduced the mass production of such weapons, as a single action revolver, better known as the "Peacemaker", or 45. Initially Colt "Peacemaker" was designed for the US cavalry, but the most widespread use it has received in the days of the Wild West. According to one version, in six-Colt used cartridges .44-40 Winchester caliber, so the Cowboys could use the same ammunition for their rifles and pistols for.

Machine gun "Maxim" 1883


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