Rules of conduct in the subway for women (men are allowed to read)

1. When boarding the train, when a lot of people use the boards to actively working elbows man broke your jaw, otherwise, blame yourself, do not climb the first, first give place to the strongest.

2. Never try to walk away and take the free space as there is still a smart man. What can you do, that's the law of the jungle!

3. If the car go down the old lady with a cane or Dzyadok, quickly replaced, as the five-seven men sitting peacefully snuffle not break you dream of a sleeping man!

4. Never use spirits, because they would kill the nasty smell of male sweat scent of decaying.

5. If a man in the crowd pressed its advantage to you or pats on the ass, do not complain. You are lucky - because you pay attention !!! That's a compliment!!!


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