Fun for programmers and hackers ("Pro rake!")

The user - a person stepping on a rake.

Maker - novice, never step on a rake and therefore convinced that there is no rake

Lamer - user, regularly step on a rake, but remains confident that there is no rake.

Narrow expert - the user, in fluent stepping on the same rake.
Wide expert - the user, having on his forehead more than two cones.

Programmer - one for someone stepping on a rake in the most important result. Charter stepping on other people's rake makes their own.

Advanced programmer - programmer, coming on every rake no more than twice.

Gamer - one for someone stepping on a rake in the most important process. Generally unable to manufacture their own rakes.

Hacker - the one who is able to step on the rake, even if they are hidden in the barn and locked in the castle.

Hacker idealist - a noble fighter for the right of every step on an unlimited number of rake.

Microsoft - Corporation, a worldwide leader in the production rake.

Bill Gates - a mythical creature from the programmers' folklore; an evil spirit - the patron of the rake.

Beta version - the version in which the rake can be seen with the naked eye.

Assembler - a programming language that allows you to step on a rake several million times per second.

Local area network - a technology that allows to obtain on the forehead, even when the rake comes someone else.

Internet - a technology that allows to step on the rake, which are on the other side of the globe.

Russian encoding - gift set rake for Internet users.

User-friendly interface - rubber pad on the handle of a rake.

Flexible (customizable) interface - pad on the handle rake, which can be moved by adjusting the height of your forehead.

Object-oriented programming - a method of manufacturing the rake on the principle of nesting dolls.

Manual - the book describes the different ways of stepping on a rake. Hikogda not used by hackers and lamer. Advanced programmers use it after stepping on the same rake the second time.

Support - Service giving advice on what to do after stepping on a rake. Typically, the first of its board - to step on the rake again and compare experiences.


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