Rules of conduct of men in the subway (women do not read)

1. When boarding the train to work actively elbows, or any aunt or grandmother takes place rightfully belongs to you. Since the law of the jungle says: "Survival of the fittest».

2. Ignore the inscription "places for the disabled and passengers with children».

And then, what's stopping you pretend to be disabled? After all, you are no less disabled or children deserve the right to rest. Constant sipping beer and suffering for your favorite football team - is not a feat ?!
3. If you have entered and saw the space, do not miss the chance to run for it. If there is already trying to sit any individual female, then the rights of the stronger sex Toss it, let him know where she was the place. Shake off the handle and landed ass.

4. After landing on the seat lower cap over his eyes. During her absence just close your eyes and pretend to be asleep. No creature will not disturb a sleeping man. No man this thing - a galloping horse to stop or go into a burning house. And even more so a place to give.

5. Do not use antiperspirants, as a woman in this case will not be able to feel the subtle aroma of male sweat decomposing.

6. If you accidentally let out a soft "flavor" of the anus, the ZAOr standing next to a boy or a deaf Dedkov, so as not to spoil the air Fig.

7. If a lot of people in the car, do not hesitate to pinch in the ass standing next to a pretty girl or Rub his excited "friend." Any normal girl considers it as a compliment.

8. At the request of the girls do not pester ZAOr that she was crazy and a high opinion of himself, you are just forced to stand side by side, can not see something, it no room to swing fall?

In general, remember that the man - the king of the jungle, do not dishonor and behave appropriately everywhere and always !!!


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