Even shorter

Once stood on the scales, I realized ... that candy wrappers word "Cow" - is not a name, but a warning ...

Buy blades, foam and socks before 23rd, put his wife into a dead end.

Came sectarians said something about good deeds. Invited them to take out the trash - took offense and left ...

Tonight thermometer knocked on the window and asked him to let him into the house.

That's what working in the tax does to people. Sitting day before yesterday, in the Diablo chopped. I heard murmurs - "intereeesno ... but where is commoner in 50 gold?»

Venereal diseases:
 - And where are you, my dear, this caught the bouquet?
 - Have a girlfriend at the wedding.

 - "Life must be lived so that knew about it Google»
 - So otozhratsya to Google on-MAP to be seen? :)

-My Dear, you're awake?
-And Why do you have your eyes closed?
-Zrenie Ekonomlyu

But I wonder if a black cat crossed the road back and forth - he doubled penalty or overturned his decision?


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