Briefly Tuesday

Glamorous shepherd police are under his arm.

Physical education teacher can not beat a chess teacher labor, because the latter currently planed two additional queen

Dispute with a woman devoid of any sense: 90% of cases it will be the right and only 10% of cases you would be guilty.

At the zoo: Girl, do not be so hard to feed the hippo ice cream, his head with the other hand.

This is an awkward feeling when you like a girl of 8 "B", and you're her drawing.

None that do not ship man as 5 grams of gold on the ring finger

Talent - the ability to do what we are not taught.

If the plan collapsed because of the little things, then either it was not a plan, or it was not a small thing.

All men swim, bathe and women because men are melting, and women - swimwear.

In Russian cars have three door position: open, closed and not closed.

Genius would never say that he is a genius. By myself I know ...

Everyone knows that beauty will save the world, but no one knows from what.

About modesty partiarha Cyril can talk for hours ...


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