Scientists have invented a toothbrush without toothpaste

What could be accustomed toothpaste? It has long been a symbol of the morning, a daily breakfast and coffee companion. But soon it may disappear from our lives permanently. After all, Japanese scientists have developed a special toothbrush solar-powered, which is not required to toothpaste to clean teeth.

This device was developed by Dr. Komiyama Kumio and it is based on the use of chemical reactions to fight harmful microorganisms. The device, called Soladey-J3X, using acid in the oral cavity, to create a damning medium for bacteria. The fact that this particular brush allocates electrons using solar batteries, which will kill all the microbes in the human mouth.

The first laboratory tests have been successfully completed and is now expected to start human trials. These innovative toothbrushes will be distributed to 120 volunteers to prove that this gadget is able to maintain dental hygiene without the help of paste.

The most interesting thing for this device is enough light, as in the calculator solar powered. That is, it will feel fine in the light bulb in the bathroom. All this means excellent prospects for this kind of toothbrush and not very good prospects for toothpaste. It remains only to wait for the test results.

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