Wolf Girl

Supatra Sazufan suffers from a disease that affects one person 10 billion. 6-year-old girl nicknamed "Nat" goes to kindergarten in Bangkok's Chinatown. At Nat congenital hypertrichosis, a rare genetic anomaly that is characterized by excessive hair growth on the face and body. Treatment for the disease is not life threatening, and there is of its nature, little is known. 35-year-old Sompol and her husband, Samroeng, Buddhist amulets are engaged in manufacturing and selling them to collectors. Mother regularly tonsured hair on his face Nate, so they do not become too long, and once a month it shaves.

Sompol hopes that the extra hair will start to fall out when Nat becomes an adult, which, they say, with other people suffering from this disease. If it does not, Nat's parents do not exclude that the revision proposal Siriraj Hospital about laser therapy. Despite the unusual appearance Nath, her classmates, teachers, and loving parents still created for her full of love and understanding of the environment in which the 6-year-old girl has grown arrogant and even mischievous. "My friends do not tease me, but sometimes I like to poke fun at them," - said in an interview with Nat German news agency dpa. Nate's mother, however, admitted that older children sometimes tease Nat, calling them "monkey." Over the past 400 years, there were no more than 50 cases of hypertrichosis, that is one sick 10 billion.


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