Print photos in the USSR (33 photos)

I never had the chance to develop film and print pictures. I only remember how he helped his father with this occupation. But I think that the photo story will be interesting to see, and those who have seen it all live, and those who like not found.

The film is filmed, taken when dry. We get enlarger

probably the first time in 10 years, open lid of the suitcase.

Foam in the meantime disintegrated to the state of the sticky lewdness :(.

scraped off it and start to get components.

So, like everything got. Forgot would now be like this all going :)

What a handsome man;)

The lamp lay the same 10 years. Inside the campaign pieces of glass, clearly heard as they're hanging out. The very light matte, spiral state is not visible. Okay, we cleave to good luck. Include:

Ofiget. Lights. True as it is dull. Okay. For authenticity puts a photo.

Not nifiga light does not shine. Enlarger to join civilization.

It looks cool. Let's see how it will work.

It is sad. Get even dimmer. It seems misses the focal length of the lens. Experiment for the sake of trying to shine a flashlight with a twisted prism.

The result exceeds all expectations, but keep a flashlight so is not an option.

It's time to fill the tape. Choosing the right crop or resize (yes, framing was not done with Photoshop and select the desired crop box, which limited the area of ​​exposure). At the same time put a piece of glass mat in a special pocket on the film.

Well, like nothing more interesting. Since the seal decomposed try to replace it with glamorous pink napkins.

I climbed clean enlarger and came across this.

what is he old. Anyway. Scrub away most vicious dirt dismantle it.

Energy-saving technologies, our all :). The lamp stood as a native, got a nice even light than incandescent

Lantern way tri-mode. Time:


And three:

Well, if there are lights why not go all the Photo print process from scratch? Photographic paper, almost new :)

Workplace young photographer. In the bathroom, of course.

Trough with the developer, fixer lock.

Photo paper and film can only work under the light of a red lantern.

Refill film, we put a piece of glass in front of red Lenses enlarger, include it, select the position previously filled by the paper

The most crucial moment. Remove the red piece of glass, count to ten. One, two ...

... Ten. The lens, gently take a piece of paper and the developer.

The picture appeared on the paper, wait until it becomes sufficiently clear. The main thing is not to overdo, and then deteriorate and it will be too dark. All further into the lock.

Wait till some time, washed in a basin of clean water and hang to flow around.

While the liquid flows from the pictures we obtain glyantsevatel. This heater with mirrored surfaces, which makes our glossy photos.

Screwed legs, handles, remove the mirror.

We put a photo picture to the mirror. Packer roller that there would be no air bubbles.

We put a mirror in place, close the cloth and is fastened on top of the special lock. We turn on the device and go to drink coffee.

After waiting a sufficient photo dry. Turn off glyantsevatel, remove the cloth and mirror. Photo of herself jumping into our hands. Smell svezheprosushennoy pictures remembered for a lifetime :)


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