Red caviar

Whatever the long path of ocean fish, and got into the net, it inevitably turns to the cutting table fisheries, of which in more recent times in the Far East was not even tens and hundreds.

From all over the Union for the season went desperate people here. And not for some romance, and to earn extra money. So they called and unpretentious in these parts - and seasonal workers sezonnitsy.

Even today, almost all the same. On fish factories occupied mostly newcomers. Only local technicians, technologists yes administration. Rest of expertise unnecessarily, since production cycle at the plant is as simple as mooing.

Fish need to take, weigh, to apply for cutting tables, and then expanded in jars, sprinkled lightly with salt and spices. Jars then - in autoclaves and for shipment.

With caviar things a little wiser. It is first necessary to remove the fish from yastiks, pickle (5-7 minutes) to overcome in a centrifuge, and then will be packaged in plastic containers, if the eggs are sold by weight.

Working around the clock - from the transport of fish with nets. During the breaks - sleep and some simple entertainment. What - not hard to guess, if we take into account that they were going for seasonal work is not good girl or mama's babies.

But to say that the fishing season on this coast resort - the language does not turn. The new owners are counting strictly needs working hands and shlangovat nobody bummer.

Except maybe the prisoners, whom the local colony sends a "mentoring" in the fish factory. Here they expanse - warm, well fed and alive girls from 18 to much older can stare ...

And here comes to mind Shikotan island with its largest fish processing base in the past. Sailors-coaster phantom was a dream - to go even just once a convenient opportunity to the island. Suppose a day or even per hour! Because the glory and hot stories about Shikotan hungry virgins in Putin walked around the Pacific coast of the Soviet Union.

I was not lucky - on Shikotan not go. But was in many other plants. And I will say this: the peasants greatly exaggerated stories. One truth: the city of brides Ivanovo much far from the places in the concentration of love and passion. In his free course from work! ..


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