If we become such, as well as all

What would happen if we turned in the same indifferent people, like everyone.

1. To lawns and flower beds next to your office or home finally zasrali irresponsible cats and dogs,
you just have to hide the green areas of the car body. Oh, and do not forget the sidewalks.
They, too, need your care.

2. If there is congestion of the controlled junctions should not stop at the stop line,
otherwise you risk not to have time to pass before the red light. Instead, you need to drive as much,
much work. To complete the maneuver, when all will go.

3. Tired of waiting for their turn ?! Use the detour routes.

4. clearly uttered the phrase "Fuck ny * pi * dec, I'm late," officially opens for you one more lanes:
extreme right - lane for public transport or the sidewalk.

5. The tram goes too slow, take up much space, noise, disembarks passengers always there,
where there is no need to constantly wrong time.
That's why he can not have any advantage on the road.

6. If there is congestion on the turn from the main road, you do not have to stand in the right to rotate the row.
Why increase the place ?! It is best to bypass the queue and gently wedge just before the turn.

7. When driving at night, you must include all the lighting devices.

8. When you turn right, do not forget to cut the cyclist or skuterista. Juli he immediately patrols.
Vaughn, let the ride of your selected tracks green.

9. If there is a hunting neighing, the most it at a crosswalk pogazovat,
to look at nervous twitching of pedestrians and learn new swear words.

10. And finally, the whole world rejoice rain and pools of water. This is neither an incomparable feeling,
when you're rushing at high speed through a puddle and sprinkles "pure" water standing nearby pedestrians.


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