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They know very few people on the street, they did not ask for his autograph, they do not bother to paparazzi and fans, but they know all of them ... More precisely, the characters in the movie, which they played. Find out who is hiding under the guise of Goluma, Freddy Krueger, C-3PO, the Alpha and the other!

The Hobbit Gollum / Smeagol in the trilogy Lord of the Rings served Briton Andy Serkis (Andy Serkis). He also owns a voice, face and facial expressions of this, caused quite a cult among fans of the mythical figure. Director Peter Jackson (Peter Jackson) came in as a wild delight of the person and the game Andy that instantly transformed it into a real image of the legendary King Kong.

The main villain of the Lord of the Rings universe almost all films of the trilogy is presented only as a giant eye. In the few scenes in which viewers see Sauron, he embodied New Zealander Zala Baker (Sala Baker). In general, it is merely an understudy, who worked in the crew. And not only in this trilogy, but also in the Chronicles of Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean.

After the series A Nightmare on Elm Street (Nightmare on Elm Street), where Freddy Krueger cut open the bellies of their victims nightmarish knives, famous actor Robert Englund. But how? Masked serial killer with a disfigured face! On his 8 films, TV series, he says that it's fine to become a household word character. Nickname Freddy Krueger, however, came up with classmates director and scriptwriter Nightmare - Wes Craven (Wes Craven). In turn, this was the revenge of the creative person, who took proudly annoying errands.

British actor Doug Bradley (Doug Bradley) also played a reel of film about 8 Hellraiser (Hellraiser). However, the popular actor brought not for this role, and his participation as a presenter on the popular band concerts Cradle of Filth. Author fantasy about Hellraiser Clive Barker just a former classmate and good friend Bradley.


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