Volokolamsk district, Moscow region Vitaly Kulikov, a young man was planning to repeat the flight of Winnie the Pooh on a balloon. But unlike the fairy bear Kulikov swung at a world record. And his undertaking fulfilled.
The record-holder 28 years old, he - a technical expert in a computer company.

"Lord, help me!" The first flight of Vitaly made this September. He rose to 400 meters, to spill the beans in the air for 25 minutes. The record is not set, but decided not to stop on achieved. The second flight Vitaly found sponsors, they helped with balloons and helium.

At an altitude of 5600 Kulikov recalled hometown Batagai in Yakutia, where he grew up. Minus sixty, fog and silence. It becomes difficult to breathe, pulse quickens. However, a person loses consciousness only 7 thousand meters. Peak - 5724 meters, then begins a slow decline.

 - Somewhere in the 200 meters from the ground I was dragged sharply, - says Kulikov about how to land. - I was too tight to the ground and accelerates wildly. There was no fear. There was a clear understanding that this is the end. Withstand the impact of the tree at a speed of 162 km / h can not even very well-trained people. I folded his hands at the person, his fists clenched: Now I begin to tear apart, and three seconds later I die. Lord, help me, help - and so ten times.

Landing in the Tver region fell, Vitaly cut through this clearing in the woods. Managed to pull out a knife and cut off the balls ... Late in the evening he landed in the Tver region, 64 kilometers from the starting point, lively and happy.


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