Construction on the new metro line in the capital

According to Andrei Bochkarev, acting Head of the Department of Construction of Moscow, large-scale construction is almost finished and will train here on September 1st ... How ?! Read more.

Just recently, the acting Head of the Department of Construction of Moscow Andrey Bochkarev told the press that the construction on the site of a new metro line is almost completed and is moving full swing. He also noted that the site will be put into operation by the 1-2 September 20130 a year, and will train here ... But after seeing a photo in the continuation of the post, I have only one question: "How ?!»

A little explanation from insiders "to build two tunnels, started to make sboyka between them - to remove the tubing. And it's like climb! :) In general, removal of soil in the tunnel, followed by a drawdown of tunnels critical shifts rings (up to 15 centimeters of each other, according to available information). Pieces of tunnels 50 meters otbutovali, then all this oburili top of the perimeter and began to dig, the benefit is not very deep. Well, here in the photo - dug ».

The eastern part of the excavation

LPT. Left Luggage Congresses.

Workers hang the pump.

A general view of the side Vyhino.

Ends accelerated pace, yes.



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