Governor Mezentsev opazdal flight

Public scandal delayed departure airliner of late head of the region may have to Irkutsk Governor Dmitry Mezentsev backfire. Experts believe that on the eve of the federal election it absolutely can not fall into these scandals. In the "United Russia" went in the estimates of what sanctions should be applied against Mr. Mezentsev.

June 8 at 13:00 Irkutsk governor was going to fly to Moscow flight 748 of "Aeroflot" to take part in a meeting of the State Council. In the morning, Mr. Mezentsev spoke in the legislature of the region with a report on the results of the regional government in 2010. The discussion dragged on, and the Speaker Lyudmila Berlin offered the deputies' release Dmitri on the flight "and the debate to continue without him. The governor considered it invalid with respect to the deputies and expressed a desire to hear "criticism and suggestions of deputies personally." As a result of the conference room, he went out about 13:00 and headed not to the airport, where a plane, fly to Moscow, were seated passengers, and the Governor's Hall to sign an agreement with the Regional Council of Trade Unions.

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