Kursk NPP

The author writes: When I was asked to go to the Kursk nuclear power plant, I particularly did not deliberate. If it happens enchanting failure as Balakovo, then I will be the next black pictures, and even lyrics, I write :). If you do not happen - then I will just good stuff. Get a second.
Kursk Nuclear Power Plant is located 40 kilometers west of the city of Kursk, on the banks of the river Seim. 3 km away is the city of Kurchatov. The decision to build the station was made in the mid 60s. Start of construction - 1971. The need for energy facilities was caused by rapidly developing industrial-economic complex of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly.
Kursk NPP - the Single-station type: the steam supplied to the turbine, is formed directly in the reactor at boiling coolant passing through it. As the coolant used ordinary purified water circulating in a closed circuit. To cool the exhaust steam in the turbine condenser uses water cooling pond. Mirror area of ​​the reservoir - 21, 5 square. km.

1. Before visiting the station, we have our general measures the background (I'm not sure that the word of background here is correct, but in another way I do not know how to say it). To do this, sit in a chair a couple of minutes. Just do and at the end of the tour. Supplement.

2. In all the rooms are hung station alarm system with a set of sensors. In short, the green means that all is well. Yellow - should tick. Red - in general, to hurry it is not necessary. Actually, it's three levels of radiation, and each level has its own actions and rules.

3. The headquarters is located in the shelter of GO β„– 1.


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