I wonder about the first Japanese film about "Godzilla"

Over the past 60 years came several films about giant monster called "Godzilla", which first appeared on the big screen back in 1954. What is most interesting is the very first film "Godzilla" is still part of the "Top 100 of the best" in the history of cinema. Next, you'll learn some intriguing facts about this film masterpieces of the past.

The idea of ​​making a film about radioactive monster belongs to the producer Tomoyuki Tanaka: previously he was forbidden to shoot based on a true story the film project «Behind The Glory», which was to tell of Japanese fishermen from the vessel «Lucky Dragon 5," caught in the US nuclear tests and received serious dose of radiation. Meanwhile, the beginning of "Godzilla" - a direct reference to this story.
The social significance of the film is that Godzilla waking from a millennial sleep due to explosions in the ocean, is a symbolic warning to mankind in the form of unreasonable radioactive beast, whose thermal breath sooner or later catch up with the people began to play with fire.

Name «Gojira» («Godzilla") - a combination of the Japanese words «gorira» («gorilla») and «kujira» («Whale"). This hybrid gorilla and whale, too, was an early prototype of Godzilla proposed by Tomoyuki Tanaka. But after Tanaka have looked the American film "The Beast from 20,000 fathoms of depth," he came to the conclusion that it must be Godzilla dinosaur. The old name of the monster nonetheless survived.

Responsible for Eidzi Tsuburaya special effects Godzilla was originally represented a giant octopus. This octopus named Oodako, was created, and then lit up even in some movies. Another early version of Godzilla was a creature with the head in the form of nuclear "mushroom».

Technique lapse shooting Godzilla model (as in the old American "King Kong") was rejected because of its costs on in terms of money and time. Besides Eidzi Tsuburayya he said that at that time in Japan, there was simply no masters in the art of animation.

It is difficult to imagine, but the first Godzilla suit weighed as much as 91 kilograms! Accordingly, causing stunt (Haruo Nakajima) serious inconvenience in movement: he could not go there more than ten meters, and then because of the gravity and heat stay inside Godzilla became impossible. Fortunately, the costumes were subsequently eased somewhat.

60 years ago it was difficult to filmmakers find ways to implement its literally fantastic plans: the eyes and the mouth of the monster in the first film, is controlled by three cables, missed from behind Godzilla. In the second film in a suit for this purpose we have built separate battery, due to which it has become even harder.
In the role of the operator of the first version, dёrgayuschego lever power to kill Godzilla current 300 thousand volts, he starred director Ichiro Honda. And right in front of the scene in the room you can see the most Haruo Nakajima, who also shone in the film in the role of one of the reporters.

A couple of very original solutions from the creators of the film: for the voice frightening roar of Godzilla film composer Akira Ifukube drove a thick leather glove over the strings Bass then superimposed on the recorded audio reverb effect. Steps Godzilla voiced rope, which hit on the iron pot!

Tower of power that Godzilla melted his radioactive breath, were made of wax and melted by feeding them a spotlight and a jet of hot air.

Circumstances have also played a positive role in the process of filming: the soldiers, which can be seen in the film (sent to the coast to fight Godzilla) - real Japanese troops stationed during filming on maneuvers and successfully hit the shot.

Ironically, the original version of the show "Godzilla" in Japanese with English subtitles, and officially took place in the US, only half a century later - in 2004. At the same 2004th Godzilla got his well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Stars.



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